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10 Movies From The 90s That Stand Above The Rest

While content-viewing options have become seemingly endless, movies just ain’t what they used to be, right? The 90s were arguably the pinnacle of the movie-making industry, and ever since, Hollywood has been doing its best to remake classics from this era (usually with disappointing results).

The undeniable truth is that you simply can’t beat the originals from this time period, and there are some 90s flicks that happen to stand out above the rest. We could likely put together three handfuls of lists just like this one, but alas, the beauty of subjective taste is a privilege we all get to exercise. That said, here are 10 90s flicks that you probably wouldn’t trade for anything.



In 1997, this movie was released and became an instant hit. The movie won a total of 11 Oscars. Based on true horrible life events, this film took us down a story of love. Let’s be truthful; we all cry when Rose tells Jack “I won’t let go.” We get a sense of belief in love and the idea that it can survive anything. It’s a connection with all the differences between you. If we learned anything from these two lovers, it’s that you can do anything if you choose to believe in yourself. The character Jack gave Rose the freedom she wanted by showing her that all she needed to do was believe in herself. If you want a true love movie with a “feel good about yourself” feeling, this is your movie.


The Lion King

This is one for the whole family. A movie like this has something for everyone to enjoy. It’s a movie with music that gets us to sing along, and want to get up and dance. 

This movie touches our hearts and shows us that family doesn’t always have to be blood when Timon and Pumba take in and raise Simba as their own. The Lion King cuts to the heart of a family dynamic, all with colors, music, and talking animals. So, get your family together, pop some popcorn, and have a Hakuna Matata movie night together.

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Who doesn’t love a good mob movie? This is a movie that takes us into the glamorous Italian mob life, giving us an inside look into the main character “Jimmy”, and his life growing up in a mob community. This movie is based on real-life stories, which makes it even more enjoyable.

This classic mobster movie makes you almost feel like you’re in the ’50s with them. Goodfellas makes you root for the mob, and admire how they take care of the community and each other in an unusual way.

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The Silence of The Lambs

Just the thought of this movie brings to mind those chilling words, “Hello, Clarice,” and sends chills down the spine. The main character’s sadistic way of cutting down to the deep darkness in all of us makes this movie despicably good.

Dr. Hannibal the cannibal, the doctor that takes us so far down the human rabbit hole, is a chillingly good main character. Hannibal is a well-cultured sadistic cannibal turned violent psychopath. Serving a life sentence behind bars, he finds comfort in aiding a beautiful, hardworking FBI student in solving a series of murders and saving the governor’s daughter.

This movie keeps you on your toes, so fry up those lamb chops and enjoy this exciting horror classic.

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Three Men and a Little Lady

We all know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well, this movie is a classic example of that truth, but in a comedic sense. Three Men and a Little Lady shows how a family can come together even with a crazy conception of the family dynamic, proving that conventional is not always best. This movie is a perfect feel-good comedy that pokes fun at everyday family life.

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Jurassic Park

This is the movie that gave us an inside look into why science doesn’t always have the right answer. “Nature always finds a way” are words we all learned to fear and believe to be true. Jurassic Park is a true sci-fi classic. 

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Mrs. Doubtfire

Divorce is an awful thing, but it happens and it affects the family and the children. This movie is a funny take on divorce, and helps examine the feeling of separation and loss with a twist on how a father sees what his now ex-wife is going through. This movie is truly a classic.

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Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a romantic comedy that shows how love doesn’t always happen the same way. This movie shows how a business arrangement between two consenting adults changed their lives forever.

This is a heartwarming movie that shows there’s more to life than just work, and how being with someone can make you a better person. Pretty Woman makes a great date night movie and is definitely a classic!

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We all know the story of Peter Pan and The Lost Boys, but what happened after Wendy and her brothers went back home? After Peter grows up and has a family? Hook can’t let go – that’s what! This adventure back to Neverland shows that you can remember who you’re meant to be, and letting go of your childhood doesn’t always mean growing up. This movie is one to enjoy with the kids. Make a marathon of it, pop your popcorn, and set your gaze to the second star on the left until the end of this true classic continuation of an age-old story.


The Child’s Play Series

The original movie came out in the ’80s, but the classic cult movie Child’s Play 2 was really the movie that exploded into popularity. The movies all focus on a doll who was taken over by the soul of a killer. This movie will make you check the batteries in your kids’ dolls, just to make sure it’s the batteries making them talk. The Child’s Play movies are scary and suspenseful, bloody slasher movies that’ll definitely get your heart racing.

Whether or not you agree with our 10 classic ’90s movies you probably wouldn’t trade for anything, you have to admit that every movie on this list was pretty darn epic. Here we are all these years later, and sadly we’ve learned that they sure don’t make ’em like they used to!