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40+ People Share The Most Brutally Honest Confessions in Jimmy Fallon’s #ThatWasCold Challenge

Photo: Instagram/@nastassjafortuin (L); Instagram/@leavesfewphotosofselfbehind (R)

When Late Night show host Jimmy Fallon asked the internet the coldest responses they’ve ever received in their life, the people of Twitter certainly did not disappoint with their confessions — all of which are random memories that definitely struck a cord enough to remember for these people.

Scroll down through the compilation of hilarious confessions with the #ThatWasCold, from innocent roasts from children to personal shades from family members and strangers. These surely will make you thankful you’re not on the receiving end of these cold comments!

Colors With Dad

Teaching kids can be a real snooze-fest, but games are the way to go! Hangman for new words, science games for understanding nature, and eye spy for training their spying skills (future CIA agents, anyone?). But Tiffany’s daughter is already a master of primary colors!

Photo: Twitter/@tiffmh32

In a few years, she’ll be describing colors like a boss. But it’s not just about colors, we gotta teach these little ones how to move too. So, why not have them brush their teeth with dad? It’s a win-win situation — they’ll learn how to control their fine motor skills and get minty fresh breath. Plus, who doesn’t love brushing their teeth with their dad?

The Perfect Size

Let’s talk about online shopping — doesn’t it feel like Christmas morning every time a package arrives? But let’s be real, getting the right size is hard. How many times have you been excited over a new outfit only to realize it’s either way too big or way too small? But here’s the thing, size is just a number, and sexy knows no bounds!

Photo: Instagram/@micokong

If you wanna rock that leotard or swimsuit, you do you, boo. If someone tries to bring you down because of your size, just remember that their opinion doesn’t matter. And don’t forget, swimsuits are meant to stretch and show off what your mama gave ya. So go ahead, strut your stuff, and make a splash!

The Wasted Son

When it came to his brother’s coming-of-age party, Steve Adams was all about fun and booze. He believed it was important to raise the bar on drinking as early as possible – after all, this is the gateway to adulthood we’re talking about here.

Photo: Instagram/@viching93

But their mom wasn’t feeling it and had a slip of the tongue when she expressed concern for her youngest son getting wasted. Still, Steve’s still determined to be a good older brother despite what his mom said. So cheers to that!


Adorable Fur Baby

Picture this: it’s a gorgeous day, the sun is shining, and Catalina decides to take her pooch for a stroll in the park. You know our furry friends just love to get out and explore everything, so it’s no surprise when her dog immediately starts trampling through a bed of flowers. Classic pup move!

Photo: Twitter/@CataaAylwin

Catalina wanted to capture the moment (who wouldn’t?), so she whipped out her phone and snapped a pic. But other people are making fun of the dog’s underbite. Not cool, man! We don’t judge dogs by their teeth. The same goes for their humans!

Double Take

Ah, the selfie game – we’ve all tried to angle ourselves just right to capture our best, most glamorous selves. It’s all about the lighting, am I right? But sometimes, when someone else takes the picture, it makes us wonder if we’re even looking at the same person. Right, Natalie?

Photo: Instagram/@beepbeepbrie

I mean, let’s be real, who actually looks GOOD in their government-issued ID? Nobody, that’s who! It’s like they purposely make you look rough. No time for grooming, no time for sleep, and definitely no time for a happy little grin. And is it just me, or do those pictures always make us look way older than we actually are?


Weight struggles for a sec – we’ve all been there, right? But there’s no one way to deal with it. You could call up a dietitian, bust your butt at the gym (or drag some friends along for the ride), or try the good old-fashioned method of disillusionment. Take this dude, for example.

Photo: Instagram/@naquanj

Maybe he thinks wearing black makes him look a couple of pounds lighter. Hey, who are we to judge? And hey, maybe sweating it out while wearing darker clothes helps him boost his body metabolism and lose more weight. It’s all about tricking yourself into feeling confident and motivated, right?


We all know that different people interpret comments in different ways. Some people might take it as an insult, while others might look at it from a purely constructive angle. Tone and pitch can definitely play a big role too.

Photo: Instagram/@zackashbri

So think about this scenario, your kiddo gives you a little side-eye and tells you that maybe you’re carrying a few extra pounds. Ouch, kid! But let’s break it down. Back in the day, thin legs were all the rage, but nowadays, the Kardashians have totally transformed what it means to be sexy. Thick thighs and confidence go hand-in-hand these days, don’t worry!

Christmas Gift

Oh boy, we’ve all been there – when your parents say something brutally honest that just hits way too close to home. When four-year-old Hoogstraten found out the truth about where babies come from, she realized that storks weren’t so blessed and divine after all. Yikes!

Photo: Instagram/@pryzyjaciel_chlebka

But seriously, who could blame her for feeling a little hurt and confused about the whole thing? It’s tough growing up and realizing that the world doesn’t always match up with our childhood fantasies. Hopefully, though, she had plenty of happy memories to look back on. And you know what might have helped? Santa Claus bringing some extra presents for mom. That lady deserves a break, too!

It Doesn’t Suit You

You know how as kids, our parents would always think they knew best? And some of us were unlucky enough to get stuck with the “Dumb and Dumber” haircut – yikes. But this guy seems to have hit the jackpot.

Photo: Instagram/@cosplay_100_visage

Or so we thought. Turns out his mom was joining in on the teasing and making fun of his new haircut. Um, way to go, Mom? It’s no wonder we had trust issues as kids, hiding in the corner with the scissors and clippers in fear. Sometimes, parents don’t always know best!

Thanks, Sis

It’s a total love-hate relationship when it comes to siblings. Maybe it has something to do with where you fall in the family birth order or how your folks showed affection, but one thing’s for sure – it sticks with you well into adulthood. We may argue with our sibs like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day, we gotta tolerate ’em because we’re all cut from the same DNA cloth.

Photo: Instagram/@nastassjafortuin

But you know what’s not cool? When your sibling points out your double chin like it’s no big deal. Ugh, thanks for ruining our appetite! But you know what? Life’s too short to skip dessert. Plus, we gotta show our siblings that they can’t bring us down – we’ll always come back for more sugar!


Never Too Old

Remember when we were kids and all we wanted was unrestricted access to adult stuff? But once we hit that certain age, the excitement wears off, especially when we had to show our ID every time we wanted to buy alcohol or cigars. Like, come on, can’t you tell we’re old enough to handle it?

Photo: Instagram/@lauriebfilmandphotograp

Speaking of age limits, do you need to be a certain age to buy cigars? ‘Cause after going through the stress of childbirth, that would feel pretty sweet. By the time you’ve had your third kid, you’re basically a walking zombie, right? But hey, regardless of how many kids you’ve got, you gotta adjust to the demands of a new family member. It’s tough work, but someone’s gotta do it!

Free Money

Married couples really do have the best stories. Maybe it’s ’cause they’ve got a solid support system in each other. No matter what life throws their way, they can always laugh it off and bond over it during a long drive or over a meal.

Photo: Instagram/@leavesfewphotosofselfbehind

But let’s be real, sometimes you gotta be a little sneaky to save a few bucks. If someone offered us a couple of extra dollars to “look homeless” and wait by the car, we’d totally be down for that. It’s basically like a freebie or a discount on our next tank of gas, right? Just gotta make sure the wifey’s cool with it!

Real Family

Okay, let’s get real for a sec – sometimes we all wonder where the heck we got our looks from. It can feel like we didn’t get it from either end of the gene pool! And for this lady, her dad totally confirmed her fears. But it wasn’t quite what we were all expecting…

Photo: Instagram/@mh_performancehorse

Apparently, this lady’s vegan tendencies make a lot more sense now, ’cause it turns out she’s actually a mammal! Hey, we’ve heard some crazy stories about people thinking they’re cold-blooded reptiles or something, so at least she’s in good company! But seriously, maybe her “dad” had some issues with securing animal transport documents across state lines or something. Who knows?

A Mane Of Hair

This little kid really knows how to live life to the fullest. Man, we wish we could be more like him sometimes! ‘Cause let’s be real, when we were his age, we were already trying to grow up way too fast. Little did we know that adulthood comes with its own set of downsides.

Photo: Instagram/@kpdeakin83

But you know what? This kid’s got it all figured out. He can sport the coolest hairstyles, rock long locks that extend down to his shoulders, whatever. Sorry, Travis – you might have missed your shot, but this kid’s going places!

The Prettier One

Asking someone out is always nerve-wracking, no matter who you are. You’re all sweaty and shaky, and all the lines you practiced somehow slip your mind as soon as you’re face-to-face with your crush. And to make matters worse, she’s always got her posse of friends hanging around.

Photo: Instagram/@slavinaksenia

The worst part is having to prepare that fake smile in case she turns you down – ugh, the struggle is real. So we really hope Maritza managed to ask her crush out without any prying eyes around. That excuse he gave was just lame – maybe he was just trying to find a way to talk to her twin with the cute mole on her cheek?

Was It That Obvious?

You know that saying about how what goes around comes around? Well, turns out it’s true – especially when it comes to parenting. We all think we can get away with ragging on our own parents and their methods, but once we become parents ourselves, it’s game over.

Photo: Instagram/@vench23_fruitee

But you know what? It’s not all bad. The important thing is that we’re putting food on the table for our kids. And honestly, they’re not really looking for perfection. They just want to see us putting in effort and spending time with them. So next time you’re cooking up a storm, why not let your little ones help out with the cookie cutter or knead the dough? It’s all about bonding!

The Face And Voice Don’t Fit

When someone new comes to our town, it’s always good to show them around and make them feel welcome. Introduce ’em to some folks, take ’em on a lil’ tour – ya know, just be friendly! Bot’s sister did just that for someone new in town, and it seemed like a real success.

Photo: Instagram/@shel_may_williams

Unfortunately, not everyone’s gonna be a perfect match for everyone else. Maybe this stranger found Bot attractive at first, but when he started spitting out all sorts of nerdy jargon, it was a total turnoff. Or hey, maybe Bot just wasn’t feeling super confident that day. It’s all just a matter of perspective and personal preference – what’s hot to one person might not be hot to another!


Not Pregnant

Post-baby bodies, we all know it can be tough to get back to your pre-prego body after giving birth. You’re juggling a new family member, recovering from a 10-month pregnancy, and trying to not lose your mind in the process. So what if you’re feeling like a heat pack? It’s all good, baby!

Photo: Instagram/@hanka.val

And don’t even worry about that old lady who made that not-so-nice comment to Cindy. She probably didn’t mean any harm, right? And if it does sting a bit, just hit up the gym and let that ache to fuel your workout. In a few months, you’ll be a total goddess – and hey, you’ll have two kids to show off to the world!

Halloween Costume

Halloween is the ultimate holiday for anyone who loves spooky, mysterious stuff. I mean, spirits, ghosts, otherworldly creatures – it’s all fair game! One way to let your creepy creativity run wild is by making killer costumes. This one teacher totally got her class hyped up for it… and it was a blast!

Photo: Instagram/@thejoyfulclassroom

But hey, a lot of Halloween is about tricks, right? So if you were there, what kind of harmless pranks would you pull on your friends or family? Maybe that one kid in class who’s always getting into trouble would appreciate a little treat action instead of a trick. Who knows – it might just change his mind about his tough-as-nails teacher!


Dude, isn’t it the best when you get to hang out with your family and catch up with everyone’s lives? You can swap stories and meet all your cute little nieces and nephews – ’cause let’s be real, we all secretly want an excuse to play with them. Even if they do have their favorites, right?

Photo: Instagram/@roberta_nigro

But here’s a trick we can play, why not head home and convince your little nephew to come with you? Or even just put him on the phone so your niece can chat with him for a bit. It’s a friendly little prank that’s sure to make her day and show her how much you care. After all, sometimes a little trick is worth it if it means spreading joy!


Prettier With Make Up

Ugh, don’t you hate it when society tries to force you to adhere to crazy norms? Whether it’s wearing a suit or plucking your eyebrows thinner than a pencil line, it can feel like everyone’s always trying to intrude on your personal style. But what happens when that intrusion comes from someone at home?

Photo: Instagram/@przedszkolwonderland

Ouch – that’s gotta hurt. If our kids ever roasted us like that, we’d probably disown them on the spot… okay, maybe not really. Still, who’s teaching these preschoolers that wearing makeup is a must for adults? It’s one thing to play dress-up like a princess at tea time, but it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame when Mommy’s got a packed schedule!

Love Life

Alright, let’s take a little trip down memory lane to high school. Remember that one girl who you couldn’t quite figure out whether she was into guys or girls? Or that one dude who just couldn’t keep his mouth in check? Yeah, those two probably finished high school single and were a bit confused about life.

Photo: Instagram/@oriagnaa

But here’s the thing, some people just take a little longer to reach peak maturity. They’re like butterflies still developing in their cocoons, you know? And who knows how Amy’s doing these days – did she end up finding love, or is she still flying solo? We hope she’s doing well and has at least found a good man by now…

Windows To Your Soul

Ladies, can we talk about our standards when it comes to dating? Honestly, it’s not that much – we just want a guy who can respect us and handle his own business. That way, we can team up and take on the world together! So when this Twitter user had a questionable date, we all felt her pain.

Photo: Instagram/@ditzylemon

Honestly, that was just a cheap shot at trying to “appreciate” someone. If we were in her shoes, we might have wanted to flick our drink in his face out of bitterness. But hey, we’re better than that – we’d probably just politely thank him and peace out.



Yo, let’s take a sec to appreciate all the waitresses out there hustling to make ends meet. Like, seriously, they’ve gotta keep track of a million orders and customer requests, all while smiling and asking how your day is going. And the pay? Barely minimum wage. So if they make a mistake, we gotta give ’em a break, right?

Photo: Instagram/@witneyhgordon

But kids on the other hand… Hey, we all know that there are no mistakes when it comes to having them. That middle child might’ve been unplanned, but that doesn’t make them any less of a blessing.

No Faces There

Have you heard those wild tales of casting calls gone wrong? Like the time they turned down Meryl Streep for being “too ugly,” only for her to become a Hollywood legend and win a bunch of Oscars? Who’s to say the same thing won’t happen to this Twitter user?

Photo: Instagram/@kissy_lullyan

Maybe they actually meant it as a compliment – like, his voice was so amazing that they were just blown away by it. Or maybe not. But either way, if it were us, we’d take it all in stride and just keep working on perfecting our craft. You never know where it could take you! Let’s hope this guy handled the rejection with a little grace and humor – that always helps smooth things over.

Nastier Than Your Toes

Don’t you just love those sibling comebacks? They always have the perfect timing – just a shift in tone can get your blood boiling. But that’s what brothers and sisters are for, right? Assuming you have any, that is!

Photo: Instagram/@log_cabinhomex

Remember that time when you were handed a toothbrush and totally put off by it? Well, that kid wasted no time putting their sibling back in their place. We guess there’s some truth to the idea that these petty comebacks ease up when you grow older. But hey, no matter how old you get, it’s always fun to mess with your siblings a little bit.

Gym Guy

Okay, let’s call it like it is – Jimmy Fallon has got some serious muscles. And you just know he’s been grinding away for hours at the gym, right? Wrong! Somehow, some good-hearted person decided to boost his ego and tell him he looked like a rookie lifter. Ouch.

Photo: Instagram/@ivandrios_fitnfat

But hey, Jimmy’s a good sport about it. He’s open to a little ribbing and even posted it on Twitter to keep the laughs coming. And honestly, we can relate – we’ve all had those moments when we thought we were doing something right, only to be called out for looking like a total newbie. So anyone got an ice pack for his bruised ego?

The Redhead In The Family

You know how parents can be – they’re always pushing certain physical attributes because it reminds them of someone they knew in the past. Or maybe they’re put off by certain features because of a bad experience with a childhood bully. It’s all pretty subjective if you ask us.

Photo: Instagram/@kimcanniff

From Shari Cole’s Twitter pic the other day, it looks like she’s dyed her hair! But we gotta wonder – was it out of shame or just to please Nana’s tastes? ‘Cause if it’s the former, we gotta say, there’s nothing wrong with being a redhead – they’re a rare find! So Shari, rock that red hair with pride.

Beautiful Women

In relationships, every woman brings something different to the table – no one’s got it all, but that’s what makes it interesting! Comparing one to another is a big no-no, especially if you wanna make it to that second date. Remember, there’s a reason why you’re no longer with your ex, and it’s best not to dwell on that if you wanna move on.

Photo: Instagram/

As for @isarunner007’s ex? Well, he’s an ex for a reason, right? Personality is what really counts in the long run, so don’t sweat this guy. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find one that’s even better than the last.

Family Knows

Man, our parents are usually our biggest cheerleaders in life. They’ll be there for our soccer games, hold our hands when we’re freaking out at school, and shower us with praise when we do something awesome. But not all parents are created equal…

Photo: Instagram/@navyhaircare

And sometimes, Dad just puts his foot in his mouth and says something he shouldn’t. But we all know he’s just teasing and trying to be funny, right? And hey, at the end of the day, we’re always gonna be Daddy’s little girl (or boy).

A Little Accident

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in Corinne’s shoes. We can all relate to going through a rough patch or going through some serious growing pains in our teenage years. But man, her parents were quick to put her in her place and bring her vanity down a few notches.

Photo: Instagram/@baby_v.a.e

Honestly, we think they were just trying to get her to see the big picture and really think about her actions. So while it might’ve stung at the time, it’s definitely something they can all laugh about years later. And who knows – it might’ve even helped Corinne learn a valuable lesson in humility and self-reflection.

Nothing Alike

Just ’cause you share the same last name as someone doesn’t mean you’re a carbon copy! Who wants a boring ol’ world where everyone’s the same? Life’s more fun with a little variation, right? Some of us are icy and cool, while others are fiery and passionate.

Photo: Instagram/@izzy_stubs

But when her sister’s friend hesitated for a moment, it was probably to spare her feelings. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with being energetic – it’s all about channeling that energy and using it for something productive.

A Bad Estimate

We’ve all been there, when we’re totally wiped out and exhausted, everything feels like it’s going wrong. Heck, some of us might even find ourselves tearing up at the sight of flowers in a vase! Just ask Amy Allen, who’s been recovering from an illness and feeling pretty drained lately. She posed a question to her daughter about her looks and got a… candid answer.

Photo: Instagram/@dexpenn

Honestly, maybe she should’ve just kept that question to herself. After all, kids don’t always have the best grasp on what’s attractive to people older than them. But at least her daughter was only 5 years off the mark. It could be worse, like being mistaken for a senior citizen in your 30s!


Not The Same In Real Life

We’ve gotta admit, there’s something about a deep voice that just draws people in, whether it’s a guy or a girl. And did you know that some people can make serious bank just by changing up their pitch, tone, and pronunciation? The only tricky part is timing everything perfectly to match up with the film.

Photo: Instagram/@envi179

But when it comes to dubbing voices, you’ve gotta make sure it’s the right fit. Though mom’s voice is much better suited to narration, where she can beguile and calm us with her smooth voice. Although… we’ve gotta admit, it’s always a little jarring when she goes from that to shrieking about dinner being ready!


Parents sure do have a funny way of preparing us for the world. They’ll critique the clothes we’re wearing, adjust the hairs sticking up on our heads, and sometimes even tell us that our art is trash. Yeah, that’s what Kristan Higgins’ mom did when she saw her daughter’s artwork for the first time.

Photo: Instagram/@modernartparis

But… Kristan’s art was trash at all. Maybe Mom was just trying to keep Kristan from getting too hurt by the world’s criticisms. After all, it’s better to have your art encased in glass than tossed in the trash, right?

Dress Up

Back in the day, everyone used to get all dressed up for a matinee performance – suits, dresses, the whole shebang. But times have changed, and now you can rock up to a weeknight show in your casual jeans and no one will bat an eye.

Photo: Instagram/@ariakhanna

Well, almost no one. There’s always that one person who thinks dressing fancy is a must. But honestly, it’s not like we’re trying to steal the spotlight from the performers or anything. Smart casual attire is the way to go these days since it lets us transition from work to play without too much effort. Plus, the real applause should be reserved for the awesome productions and casts who bring us these amazing shows!

Paintings On The Wall

Ah, married life, you gotta love it. But let’s be honest, it’s all about learning to deal with your partner’s quirks and compromising to keep the peace. And no one knows that better than Bruce!

Photo: Instagram/@kelayoga

But if his wife really wants him to understand her preferences, she’s gotta speak up and tell him what’s what. It’s not like Bruce is a mind-reader, you know? And who knows what she’s saying to their guests when they’re not around – the tension in those uncomfortable silences is practically suffocating.

A Matter Of Taste

Ah, remember the good old days of Paramore? Hayley Williams was the queen of the music scene with her fiery, red-orange locks that we all wanted to copy. But back then, most of us were too broke to afford the treatment or stuck in a school that had dress code rules. Thankfully, we found a savior in the form of this amazing woman.

Photo: Twitter/@jordantthi

It was like we were living through Jordan Thi’s hair journey – that dye job was to die for! But of course, there’s always someone trying to rain on your parade. Newsflash, lady – if you can’t give us a hairstyle as awesome as this one, we’ll gladly find someone else who can. So thanks, but no thanks – we’ll stick with Jordan Thi as our official hair guru.

Pretty In Pictures

Cameras can be so frustrating sometimes! Like, why can’t they capture us at our best when we look that way every day? Even Stacy Lynn’s mom thought so when she saw one of her pics. But man, her comment stung a bit.

Photo: Instagram/@azfar_khan16

You know what’s funny though? Stacy Lynn was probably looking her absolute best that day, and her mom just happened to catch her at the perfect moment. No filters or special lighting are required – that’s just Stacy Lynn doing her thing! So you go, girl – live that ultimate female dream for all of us!

Hard Truth

Steve Grogan’s got himself a new lady friend. And get this, she’s got a kiddo too! So now he gets to be an observer when she shows some love for her preschooler. But if it were us, we’d wanna take things slow and stay non-committal for a while – it’s always good to keep a level head.

Photo: Instagram/@abby_tillman

Now, as for that mom who woke up feeling really cranky this morning? Maybe she’s just exhausted from being a supermom. That’s why it’s always important to stay mindful and encourage your little ones to be their best. Enthusiasm and patience can work wonders! It’s hard out there for a parent sometimes, so we totally get it.

Good Intentions

Being a teacher isn’t easy – you gotta look out for your students’ well-being, which means you need to be a little cynical sometimes. It’s all too easy to interpret well-meaning intentions as something negative, after all.

Photo: Instagram/@t.isforteachersaide

Take this scenario, for instance. You plaster on your best smile while patting a kid on the back and sending them off to their desk. But after that little encounter, you might need to take a minute to calm down and distract yourself. Losing your cool could mean losing your job! And who wants to send a second-grader to detention, anyway? Relax and take a deep breath, it’s all gonna be okay.

On A Budget Tshirt

Sometimes our friends make comments that are a little hard to read. But we’ve found that even the harshest criticisms can teach us something useful – as long as we’re prepared for them.

Photo: Instagram/@sweett_shottie

So how would you react if your friend told you that you look broke and unemployed? Yeah, it’s not exactly a confidence booster. But maybe there’s something to be said about investing in some well-fitted clothes. Who knows, it could be the key to unlocking a newfound sense of confidence!

Friendless On Facebook

You know what they say – quality over quantity! Our social circles get smaller as time goes by, and only the people with the best intentions and values stick around. And what better way to celebrate those relationships than over a bucket of beer? Or, you know, there’s always AI to do the job for us. But can we really trust a machine to maintain our precious relationships?

Photo: Instagram/@well_water_getter_girl

Sometimes it’s best to leave things to the people we trust. AI can’t even acknowledge the few relationships we do have. But hey, having only a few close friends is nothing to be ashamed of! Although… now we’re gonna spiral into a cycle of overthinking. Yikes!


The Only Son

You probably know the story of the prodigal son. It can seem like the father favored the younger, more rebellious child over the hardworking older one. But what about when you’re an only child, like Andrew Fry?

Photo: Instagram/@leonora_araniego

Andrew’s kinda lost here. He fell short of his parents’ expectations, even though he was supposed to be the golden child. And even if he did live up to their expectations, he still wouldn’t be the favorite. Yikes! If that were us, we might harbor some misgivings toward the dad. But maybe he can make it up to Andrew by taking him out for weekly sundaes and baseball games!

A New Interior

As the saying goes, the friend who’s toughest on you is the one who cares the most. They don’t hold back, even if it stings a bit. That’s the kind of friendship you can really build on. Just like Vivi Holt’s “good friend” – ouch!

Photo: Instagram/

But you know what? When we’re trying out a new style, that kind of honesty comes in handy. We’re not worried about any of that vibes or aura stuff – we just want to look good! And chances are, our friends have better taste than we do anyway. So if they can help us rock this new look, we’re all ears. After all, it’s the friends who keep it real that we can count on.

No Happiness

You know Amit Dhawan, the comedian? He’s all about making people laugh, even if it means roasting himself or others. Impressive skill, right? We can’t help but wonder where he got it from. Maybe he inherited it from his parents – imagine how funny family gatherings must be!

Photo: Instagram/@zoekolliasart

As it turns out, Amit might just have a genetic predisposition to humor. He says his dad’s insults were actually jokes, so maybe he learned from the best. And those burns? They’re hot enough to roast a turkey on Thanksgiving. We’re not sure if his dad’s a boomer or not, but if his jokes are anything to go by, we’re definitely fans. Keep on laughing, Amit!

The Good Genes

Bringing your kids to a track meet is such a drag. You need to keep an eye on your kids while navigating all the politics of the playground. And just as you’re about to leave, someone always has to drop a bomb and ruin your day.

Photo: Instagram/@stacie.daisy

But hey, there are some A-list celebrities out there who have parents just like Susan Carper. Or at least, that’s what we assume based on her comment. Maybe she’s keeping her profile picture hidden so people won’t judge her looks. But as they say, looks are only skin deep! It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

10 Minutes Knowledge

So there’s this guy called Mouthy Canadian who’s expecting a baby with his wife. He’s been super stoked about it. He was talking with his dad about the pregnancy when Grandpa decided to chime in.

Photo: Instagram/@fieldingkillam

Now, you’d expect some words of wisdom or encouragement, right? Nah, Grandpa went for a joke instead. Hey, if it lightens the mood when you’re an expectant dad, then go for it! But Mouthy Canadian better be ready to do some reading – learning is a lifelong process, after all.

Good Or Bad

Everybody loves a good discount, whether it’s on shoes, bags, books, or even a nice hotel stay or dinner out. But then again, what would you do if someone gave you a discount, but not in the way you expected it like what happened to Stephen Poirier when he was dining in South Korea?

Photo: Instagram/@unhskiteam

Stephen had been doing some teaching in Seoul, but when he tried to use a discount at a restaurant, he was told it was only valid for local citizens. Ouch! Talk about a mood killer. At least now we know: sometimes, you get what you pay for.

No Thanks

You know those people who just can’t take no for an answer? They’ll keep pushing and pushing, even though the other person has clearly said they’re not interested. It’s like they think the listener is just shy or something. Not a good look, folks. It usually ends up in disaster.

Photo: Instagram/@bats_skull

But you know what, sometimes those situations can be pretty hilarious – just like when Michelle shut down those unwanted advances. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! We didn’t hear her complaining about being at a disadvantage in the dating game, did you? Go, Michelle!


Constructive Criticism

Seems like Nicolle Fair’s mom isn’t afraid to dish out some tough love when it comes to art. Even at the tender age of eight, Nicolle’s mom was critiquing her daughter’s work with “constructive” criticism. Oof, sounds like she was a bit of a strict art teacher!

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We can only hope that Nicolle and her mom have a good relationship despite that tough comment. It does seem like an unusual thing for a mother to say, but who knows – maybe they’ve got a sisterly bond on top of it all. Or maybe Nicolle’s mom just has really high standards when it comes to art. Whatever the case may be, we hope Nicolle’s been able to shake off that criticism and continue creating without any hang-ups.

Big Enough

Why is it that people are so obsessed with their noses? It’s like they’re more worried about the way their schnozzes look than the air that’s flowing through them. Maybe that’s why some people prize bigger noses – there’s more room for air to come in and more space for any extra “passengers” that might come along.

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And then there’s Sara, whose mom apparently went on a lying spree. Sounds like her mom’s taking some tips from Kris Jenner! But hey, Sara’s grown into her nose now, and we think she’s gorgeous just the way she is.

Sexist Assumption

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Dealing with stereotypes and biases can be tough. Everyone has them, but not everyone realizes how much they can affect others. Twitter user @krivar found this out the hard way when she encountered an old lady with some pretty outdated ideas about women’s roles in society.

But who says women can’t be breadwinners? If you’re bringing home the bacon, you can buy whatever you damn well please. This queen doesn’t have to answer to anyone else when it comes to her finances and what she spends her money on.