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5 Little-Known Facts About Pretty Woman

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts played star-crossed lovers in the 1990 hit, Pretty Woman. The movie would be the launching point for Julia Roberts’ career, going from a nobody to one of Hollywood’s highest-earning actresses. The film takes place in Beverly Hills, and now has fans all around the world. Main characters Vivian and Edward’s love story may never have reached its full potential however, if it weren’t for certain coincidences. Even die-hard fans may not know some of the movie’s more interesting secrets…

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Roberts Was Re-cast

Oddly enough, after Julia Roberts was cast in the lead role, she was forced to step out of it once movie rights went to Disney. That could’ve meant a new actress would be cast into the spotlight if it hadn’t been for famous movie director Gary Marshall. Once Marshall was put in charge of the film, he demanded that the original cast be reinstated. He claimed that Roberts was both striking and star-like, making her the perfect fit for Vivian.


Spontaneous Scene

In many movies, scenes that aren’t planned sometimes end up being some of the best ones to make a final cut. During the scene where Vivian was presented with the diamond necklace from Edward at the opera, actor Richard Gere decided that he would spontaneously shut the case.

Not knowing this would happen, Roberts reacted naturally and beamed a smile that charmed audiences. The sincerity of the scene made viewers fall in love with the characters, and the chemistry between them. Today, that’s considered to be one of the most iconic scenes of the entire film.


A Stranger’s Red Jacket

Roberts decided she would pay a stranger on the streets of New York $30 cash to use their red jacket for a scene. The transaction took place right before the scene was shot.

The character’s outfit consisted of thigh-high boots, a mini-dress, blonde wig, and that red jacket. At the time of filming, the red jacket that Roberts was supposed to wear was nowhere to be found, hence why a stranger was given the money in exchange for the jacket that ended up in the movie.

Julia’s Favorite Scene

When asked what her favorite scene from the movie was, Roberts responded with when she got to drive the ridiculously expensive car around Hollywood, saying she found it hilarious. At the time, the actress was 21, and mentioned to the crew that she couldn’t drive well. In spite of that, the director still let her try for the scene. Apparently, she jammed her foot on the gas so much that the cameramen could barely keep up with the vehicle.

Real Diamonds

That diamond necklace Vivian wore to the opera was made of real diamonds, custom-designed by famous French designer Fred Joaillier. It cost an estimated $250,000, and was always accompanied by a small security detail. There was a personal armed guard accompanying the necklace 24/7, and it was being watched all the way from the store to everywhere it went on set.

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Richard Gere: Piano Man

Strangely enough, when it was Edward’s moment to play the piano, actor Richard Gere had no problem, since he was actually an incredible pianist. The entire shot was just him playing, with no overdubs. The actor even composed the song himself, claiming his musical talent developed from years of studying music as a young man. He’d always had a flair for musical instruments throughout high school, and tried his hand at a number of different instruments over the years.

Who knew just how many secrets and surprises were part of this classic film? It’s pretty astounding, and it’s clear that the cast of this iconic film played a big part in bringing the nuanced detail that led to much of its success.