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5 TV Shows That Brought Sexuality (And Ogling) Front And Center

When you hear the term “Jiggle TV,” does it jog your memory? You might recall a plethora of TV programs that seemed fixated on women’s low-cut blouses and barely-there miniskirts. To some viewers, this new wave of programming seemed crass and devoid of value; for others, it was an opportunity to engage in ogling women as guilt-free entertainment.

Starting in the 70s and continuing well into the 80s, Jiggle TV made stars of some women, and generated million-dollar profits for the men who happily showcased the ladies’ assets. Here are some of the classic TV programs that represent the best (or is it the worst?) of Jiggle TV.

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Battle Of The Network Stars

There was a three-part formula for reality-based success at the time. First, gather the nation’s favorite television stars. Second, create competitions that mimicked semi-Olympic games. And, last but not least, film women in tight clothing who were running, jumping, chasing, falling – you name it, they were doing it in the skimpiest outfits that could pass under the network censors.

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TJ Hooker

The female cop show TJ Hooker kept actress Heather Locklear (and her considerable physical charms) in the limelight during the 1980s. When she wasn’t in her police uniform, Locklear could be seen in a skimpy bathing suit or a tight outfit that seemed to be more about her bust than busting criminals.

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Three’s Company

Starring John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, and Joyce DeWitt, Three’s Company turned Jiggle TV into “must-see TV.” Two single gals prancing around in skimpy outfits, living with a single guy who’s a hoot to be around. What’s not to love about that? The show spanned eight successful seasons, proving that you can never get enough of women in tight T-shirts fending off sexual innuendos.

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The Dukes Of Hazard

What kept fans glued to The Dukes of Hazard week after week? Maybe the fast cars. It could’ve been the crime. Perhaps the great music. Nah…it most likely was Catherine Bach in her in short-shorts, lighting up the screen as Daisy Duke. Bach wasn’t ashamed of the role and continued to play the character in subsequent versions of the show throughout the years.

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Charlie’s Angels

Perhaps the quintessential Jiggle TV show, Charlie’s Angels showcased Farrah Fawcett (for only one season) as blond bombshell Jill Munroe, a character that made male viewers from ages 14 to 65 devotedly tune to ABC once a week from 1976 to 1981. Although Fawcett’s angel hairdo made life hell for hairstylists everywhere (everyone wanted that famous feathered ‘do), the actress went on to have one of the most popular posters ever printed, proving that nothing beats a skintight bathing suit top.