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Redditors Share Stories About Super Creepy People

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Have you ever experienced those eerie vibes that immediately raise red flags? Whether it’s encountering a mysterious stranger in the streets or interacting with a neighbor who sends shivers down your spine, certain individuals have a knack for making us incredibly uneasy. Unfortunately, there are instances when these encounters can escalate into perilous or even life-threatening situations.

People shared on Reddit such experiences, recounting encounters with people who are best described as unsettling and creepy. Prepare to get goosebumps and the hairs on your back standing up…

Fresh Meat

Photo: Reddit/TheStormBorn1

My mom just recently told me the story of her friend’s creepy dad. One night when she was younger, she stayed over at this friend’s house. The friend’s creepy dad offered them ‘fresh venison’ for dinner.

My mom had never had venison, but of course, she ate it so as not to be rude. Well, the friend later tells my mom that her dad is not a hunter. The truth was so much more gruesome than she was prepared for. Years later, we learned that creepy dad had cannibalized several women over the course of his life. Mom is pretty sure she ate human meat. Reddit: nottaclevername

The Old Man’s Notepad


I used to get the bus back home at the end of the school day. There was always this creepy old guy who would sit in the same seat, on the same bus as me… One day, there was an empty seat. It was on the aisle next to his. He began a conversation with me over the empty seats about my school work and started asking me when my birthday was; year included… I just lied and got off the bus a little sooner than my stop.

A few days later, I rushed past him when I got on the bus to sit at the back so I could escape his stares… He hadn’t noticed me so I felt a bit more at ease. When getting off the bus, I looked over at his notepad… He was drawing a picture of me. The fake birthday date I gave him was also noted on the page. Reddit: gl0wwbaby

The Basement


I went to a yard sale with my aunt when I was like five or so. A little boy, about the same age as me, approached me and told me to come inside to meet his dad. I wandered off with him without my aunt noticing and he brought me into the house where the yard sale was taking place. I was young and naïve so it didn’t seem that odd to me.

Anyway, we went down to the basement and I got the shock of a lifetime. The kid’s dad was lying on a couch in the basement… completely [without anything on]. Not only that, but he looked ‘excited’ to see me. He greeted me as if he’d been waiting. I actually don’t remember much after that. I just got out of there as fast as possible. It’s been a strange memory of mine ever since. Reddit: PaleStrength7916


The Man On The Plane


When my daughter turned one, we went on a trip to Hawaii. A man approached me and started commenting on how beautiful my daughter was. He stood over me and continued to ask about her age, birthday, favorite things, where we were going, etc… I refused to answer his questions, but he refused to move and kind of had us trapped. My husband came back and the man stepped away pretty quickly.

We got to our gate and a few minutes later, the same man was there… he positioned himself where he could watch our daughter. We got on the plane and he managed to also be on the plane in a seat so he could keep an eye on her. He kept smiling at her and getting up to walk the aisles and pass her. They forced him to switch seats and barred him from getting up again. Upon landing, there were people waiting for him. Reddit: raisethemkind

After Shift


I was walking home after a late shift. It was around three or four in the morning. The streets of Seattle were mostly empty except for a few homeless people milling around. All of a sudden, a guy came out of an alleyway and asked me to help him out with his car. I told him, ‘Nope,’ explaining that I wasn’t mechanically inclined anyway. He persisted, but I just kept reiterating that I couldn’t help him. It was starting to get pretty uncomfortable…until the best thing happened.

A huge homeless dude came around and got in his face, telling him that I had already said, ‘No,’ and to leave me alone. I recognized the homeless dude as a ‘local’ whom I’d seen around the neighborhood a bunch of times. I gave the homeless guy a nod and continued on my way whilst he still berated the other guy. Reddit: FogDarts

Doorbell Savior


When I was a kid, I was home alone with my older sister. Living on either side of us, there were two girls that I was friends with. They rang our doorbell and begged us to come in because two guys in a car were staring at them.


We let them in and the car peeled out. We could have prevented a double kidnapping that day. That was probably around 1990. Reddit: CaptainAwesome6

Sharp Curiosity

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I had a step-uncle who has since passed. I didn’t know him too well but he wasn’t a bad guy. However, one evening when I was maybe thirteen, my parents were having a small party with a few family members having drinks. I had been sent to bed but had gotten up to get a drink from the kitchen.

Said uncle was standing in the kitchen in a kind of stupor and he said, ‘Wouldn’t you stab somebody if you had the chance?’ I think I replied, ‘What?’ He gives me a super intense look and just goes, ‘Aren’t you curious to know what it would feel like? Pushing that blade into somebody?’ I honestly think I laughed and said, ‘Yeah’ but I had never felt more uncomfortable in my life. Reddit: Jordanc369

It Wasn’t His


Worked in a 24-hour service station which was locked after 10 pm or so. We served customers through a hatch thereafter. Halfway through the night, a man appeared from nowhere, with no top or shoes on.

He was covered in blood. He leaned against the glass and asked for a packet of c———. I got his order and asked him if he was okay or needed help. He said he needed no help because it wasn’t his blood, and wandered off into the night. Spooked me right out. Never seen him again. Reddit: tethys_ocean

Departing Scream


I was 16 and sitting in a train station with my mother. Some man came over and started talking to her. He seemed pretty nice. After a while, I looked at the clock and informed my mother that we needed to go because our train was about to arrive. That’s when the guy she was talking to took me by total surprise—he flew up from his seat and started screaming at me, saying he wanted to fight.

My mother was confused and tried to explain to him that I was her daughter and that we really needed to leave. He just continued screaming which, of course, made me scream back at him. She had to pull me away from there. I never understood what made him see red like that. All I did was inform my mother our train was coming and we needed to leave. Reddit: WrestlingWoman


‘High’ Footage


In the UK, my mum and dad had just rented a house. I live with my mum, dad, brother, and grandad. We have been going to school as usual, but one day I had to go home early. As I was about to unlock the front door, I hear someone running up and down the stairs on the top floor. I unlocked the door quietly…I set up a camera in my room a few months ago and only I have access to it. I went on my phone and checked my camera. On the camera I see my grandad walking up and down the stairs over and over again, he was smiling and it really scared me.

Then he stood in front of my bedroom door and continued to smile…I was so scared I ran out of the house through the backdoor with my bike. I quickly called my mum and dad about what I saw and they quickly come home. I showed them the footage, I found out a few days later that he has been taking d—-. Reddit: Gacha-YMS

Age Matters


I was walking to the store late at night…while I was walking, the streets were completely empty—until I heard footsteps behind me. Being the cautious person that I am, I turn around to take a good look at the man for a long minute just in case I had to identify him later. I was a bit creeped out now but kept walking like normal. After a while, he caught up to me….then asked if I was 18 (I was 17) and I replied no. I was ready to cross the street because he was freaking me out.

As soon as I said ‘no,’ he looked at me, disappointed, and said, ‘Oh never mind,’ and ran away from me…but it really creeped me out thinking about what may have happened if I had told him I was 18 and what exactly this guy was planning. Reddit: NoImDominican

Hazel Eyes


As a child, there was a girl that was friends with my cousin who developed an obsession with me. She found my number and would call my house phone asking about me daily.


In 8th grade, she got my phone number and would send me voicemails and call me at super late hours. One night, she left the most disturbing message yet: ‘If I can’t be with you, I will pluck your eyes out with a fork and keep them in a jar.’ I have very light hazel eyes and that’s what started it all. Reddit: BleachedPorkGrind



A pair of 40-year-old or so absolutely identical twins. Very tall—over six feet. Brown hair down to the sidewalk. Identically dressed right out of 1975. Bell bottoms, button-downs. Bandannas on their heads.

Walking together in perfect unison in a fast, totally unnatural swinging gait, next to the road in a very boring suburban town. It was like witnessing a glitch in the matrix. Reddit: brownthorne

My Baby!


I went through airport security with my mom, my two oldest kids, and my son who was a baby. After we got through taking the shoes off and such, I immediately set up the stroller and put my son in…The place was covered with security, so I felt safe facing away from my son to get my shoes and jacket on. In that split second, he was gone.

Then I see a weird older lady with blonde hair pushing him around…she ends up pushing him to an older man and younger woman and walking along fine… the three of them with my baby! I ran up to them and grabbed the stroller and asked them what they were doing. They pretended not to know English. What I find extremely off was…the people she’s with pretended not to notice she was pushing a child around that wasn’t with them before. Reddit: ChineseChaiTea

Pretty Hair


I was walking over to my friend’s house on the last day of eighth grade. All of a sudden, this old lady pulled her car next to me, almost cutting me off my path. I backed away because it immediately seemed like a bad situation. She called out to me saying that she liked my hair.


She said that she missed her old hair color and that she changed it after she had been attacked one day. You’d better believe my little chunky self ran to my friend’s house and told her parents. Reddit: tsunamichaser

Halloween Creepies


I was volunteering at a hot dog sale outside of a grocery store. It was Halloween so we decided to all dress up. I borrowed a doll costume from a friend that included a chunky yarn wig. Partway through the day I noticed an older man and two small children hanging around. I assumed the kids liked our costumes. They stood out because the kids looked super creepy, vacant-eyed like you could barely see their faces.

Almost like weird little aliens. Eventually, they left. Later in the event, the guy is back with his grown daughter. She comes straight to me and asks if I am married. I said no and she said her father would like to have me. I am wearing bright, chunky yarn on my head, dressed like a children’s toy with what basically equated to clown makeup all over my face. I declined and walked away. Reddit: buttercream73437

The List


One of my cousins is super weird and gives off super creepy vibes. She has these dead eyes and she looks right through you. Everyone in the family finds her creepy. One of the first times I remember her properly freaking me out was when she came around with her family for my grandma’s birthday lunch at my house.

The whole family was there. I don’t remember what she did but someone upset her by asking her to stop. About half an hour later someone found her on the stairs with a pen and paper having written some family member’s names on a bit of paper. She then wrote die next to each of their names. When asked what it was, she said it was a list of people she wanted to die. She was 6 or 7 at the time. Genuinely freaks me out to this day to be around her. Reddit: b_turtlewhispers

Cinema Night


When Ghostbusters 2 came out, I really wanted to see it, so my mom took me to the local theater. I think I was around nine. I needed to use the bathroom so I ran down the small hall and turned the corner. I saw a much older man come out of the bathroom just then. When he saw me, he stopped and went back in. When I didn’t move, he opened the door peeking his head and arm out.


At one point, he motioned for me to come towards him. I was frozen until he said something that shook me to my core: ‘Come on, come on in.’ I was really young but I knew that it was a bad situation. Panic rushed over me and I ran back towards my mom who said I was pale white. She quickly left the theater with me and went home. Reddit: butters991

Where Are The Horses?


Back when I was 16, I used to work at a hardware store. Some customer who was an old man walked up behind me and whispered in my ear, ‘Do you know where I can find the hoses at?’ He said that so close to my ear that I could feel his warm breath while he was caressing my shoulder. My whole body froze.

All I could say was, ‘I think they’re in aisle five.’ Shortly after that, I found out that he never even went to the end of the store where they were. Reddit: [deleted]

Wrong Impression


I was at a store once and thought I had just seen this teenage boy shoplift something as I was walking past an aisle. I thought he had shoved something down his pants. When I looked back, he was actually feverishly rubbing p—-hose on his c—–.

The package was hanging out of the front of his belt line as he rubbed himself like a crazy horn ball. As I looked on in horror, he finished what he was doing and threw the p—-hose on the shelf, and ran away. Reddit: ames_54

A Little Prayer


I was walking my dog in a forest. I ran into a large guy who told me he had failed to report back to his mental hospital but that I should not be afraid. He told me about visiting purgatory and how painful that was. He then went on to explain to me that Hades was specifically one thousand times more painful. He begged me to pray for him which, not knowing what else to do, I said that I would.

Incidentally, my school’s gym in those days was located on the opposite side of the road from a mental hospital. They’d release them for a walk every now and then. It was a bit eerie, but we were always in a group and it was in a city, so I felt safe. He wasn’t harmful and let me go, but it was deeply uncomfortable. Reddit: M1ckey


Reality And Dream


My friend and I decided it would be fun to sleep outside in my friend’s parent’s camper. In the middle of the night, I woke up to the silhouette of some guy standing in the doorway. He stands there for about a minute and then walks out. I was still half asleep and wondering if that really happened when I fell back to sleep.

The next morning my friend tells me about a ‘dream’ she had about someone coming into the camper. Of course, freaking out ensued. Apparently, someone (a hobo perhaps, she lives right next to the tracks) had been sleeping there without anyone knowing. Reddit: Stardust7

Night Visitor


When I was 19, I was sleeping with the window open. It was a hot summer night. My boyfriend and I were both exhausted. Regardless, for some reason, I sprang awake (I just opened my eyes but didn’t get out of bed) because I had a horrible gut feeling.

It was like an animal instinct telling me the creepiest thing ever—someone was watching me. I turned to my side and I saw someone’s head sticking in from the window. Needless to say, I practically had a heart attack. As soon as they heard me get up, they left. Reddit: jessica-iv

Mini Scare


I was babysitting a few kids, a 12-year-old, a 7-year-old, and a one-year-old. They were all well-behaved kids, although the 7-year-old refused to say a word, the entire night didn’t say anything. Hours pass and it was late and everyone was asleep upstairs. I was downstairs watching TV after cleaning up.

All of a sudden I look up and I see the 7-year-old girl looking down at me on the stairs with her long black hair in her face. I thought I was seeing the girl from the ring and I nearly screamed. Once I realized I wasn’t in a horror movie, I asked her if she couldn’t sleep. Still didn’t answer and just stayed there. Reddit: Endonna

Unregular Story

Photo: Twitter/@twelvefourtwo

I had a regular that used to come in and was always very pleasant. One day he was telling me that a city that he used to live in used to have a problem where dead p———- would be found on the shores of the river.


The way he said it and the look on his face came across as if he was bragging about it. His whole face lit up when he was telling me about it. I didn’t see him after that day. I think I had put in my notice, but it was an unnerving experience with a guy who if you saw on the street, you wouldn’t think twice about him. Reddit: TheDeadGunslinger

One Last Thing


I was on vacation in Ithaca with my boyfriend at the time. We had literally, I’m talking ten minutes, just gotten into town and stopped at a suspension bridge…I’m terrified of heights, so my boyfriend was coaxing me step by step over the bridge. It was gorgeous and we stopped in the middle to take a picture. On the side we had come from, there was a parking lot with steps leading to the bottom of the gorge.

But on the far side, there were hiking paths with no barriers. A woman walked past us and offered to take a picture for us. We declined. She smiled and walked quickly to the far side of the bridge where she smoothly jumped off into the gorge. There was not a second of hesitation. It was almost like she expected the path to keep going. The sound of a person hitting the ground from a jump like that sticks with you. Reddit: [deleted]

A Proposal

Photo: Twitter/@TheGoodDating1

I was sitting in the cafeteria at a table by myself once when some random guy approached me. He asked if an empty seat at my table was taken. Out of all the tables he could have gone to, he chose the one I was at…but I let him sit anyway. He asked me for my name and major. I didn’t want to be rude so I responded politely, thinking that would be the end of the conversation.

But then the guy asked me if I was married. I responded with a firm, ‘No.’ The guy then asked me why—that’s when things got really weird. He asked, ‘Would you like to [be married] with me?’ His expression was totally serious, so I doubt the dude was joking. He kept asking why I wouldn’t marry him and then just left. Weirdest encounter ever. Reddit: [deleted]


Mentally Disturbed


About ten years ago, I was taking my girlfriend home around midnight…this lady ran out from the woods in front of my truck, screaming, ‘Help me!’ I slammed on my brakes and rolled my window halfway down. That’s when I saw the shocking sight—she was covered in blood and mud. She reached her hands into my cab and grabbed my neck as hard as she could. I took off just a little down the road and found a crowd of distraught people outside their house.

I figured it was probably related. They asked if I had seen anyone and I told them that I nearly ran over some crazy lady just a few moments ago. Well, turns out she had been released from an asylum that day and had attacked her mother. Later, I drove back and there were a dozen squad cars lit up at the house. Reddit: patricktownsend86


Photo: Twitter/@TheHauntedRd

I was once driving in through the country and it was pouring rain in the middle of the night. At one point, the rain fell so hard that I even had to pull over to the side of the road…That’s when my passenger door suddenly opened. When I looked over to my right…This random man got inside my car, sat down, and looked at me. I instinctively started yelling and screaming at the top of my lungs.

I flailed my arms around in case the guy tried to attack me. He started screaming as well and then jumped out of my car…I kept replaying that moment in my head…and I suddenly remembered that the man had smiled at me. That’s when it dawned on me. That guy had probably been a hitchhiker that I hadn’t seen who thought that I was pulling over to give him a lift. Reddit: AndFinrodFell

Prison Tattoo

Photo: Twitter/@flir

When I was around 14/15, I was in a situation with my mom where she invited her ‘friends’ to live with us. They even gave me a prison tattoo (they made the machine with a motor from a CD player and guitar wire), and used natural inks and onion paper. At one point, I came home…officers were swarmed in front of my house, and my mom was handcuffed to one of the patio posts…They removed the ‘friend’ she was sleeping with…


The creepy part was when that guy was living with us, I remember being awakened by the covers on my bed sliding up my legs. It stopped. I must’ve fallen back asleep because I didn’t think about it until the next day, and I questioned whether or not it had been a dream. But I did tell my mom, and she confronted him. He said he wanted to see the tattoo he’d put on me. Reddit: prima_facie2021

Noting It Down

Photo: Twitter/@SalWilson12

A guy in my program at university took normal notes in class, but one day I looked at his notes and saw he also had notes about the girls in the class.

I watched him add a few, they weren’t overly mean or anything, but they were incredibly creepy. It was stuff like, ‘hot blonde answered a question, Catherine is chewing gum again.’, etc. Reddit: Billbaprophet

Peanut Plan


Back in middle school a girl asked me if I had a peanut allergy, and being the dumb 7th grader I was, I said no and didn’t think much of it. Turns out, she had a diabolical plan along and was intending to give someone an allergic reaction.

My friend overheard her talking about it and told a teacher before telling me. It’s one of those scenarios where it isn’t creepy outright, just a little weird without context, but when you know the context, it becomes disturbing. Reddit: The-irs-open-up

Special Ingredients


In high school, my buddy’s girlfriend worked at a sandwich shop. This place had no camera at all. So, we would go there right before closing and be able to eat whatever subs we wanted.

One night, another co-worker’s friend was there while we are making subs. We look over and see this guy putting his own special meat into a toasted bun. Reddit: 84TechNoire

Motherly Obsession


I worked at a daycare. One of the mothers gave me the heebie-jeebies. She would show up randomly and be like ‘my baaaaaaby, I neeeed my baaaaby.’ Like, moms love their kids and miss them, but her obsession with her daughter really made me feel weird.


She ended up killing her daughter so that she could be an angel. It really messed me up when I found out. Reddit: [deleted]

Tag-Along Brother


My brother had a friend with a creepy tag-along little brother Gideon. This family was ultra-religious and Gideon was creepy as a teenager. While he was there, he had a roommate that beat him up a lot. Gideon supposedly stood over the roommate when he OD’d on d—- and watched him die pleading for help.

He came home after that and worked on the family farm. On a holiday we were all home again and Gideon tagged along, as usual. We were all having a conversation and with nothing to do with any topic, Gideon just drops, ‘I have a kill list, some of those names have a star next to them.’ That ruined the conversation completely. After a long pause, I just piped in with, ‘How different is that list, from the list of people you ever met?’ Reddit: [deleted]

Different Reality


I had a deeply disturbing encounter with a stranger once. This random dude at my local library accosted me while I was enjoying a new sci-fi novel, but the reason was more disturbing than the action. This guy was absolutely convinced that I was his son. He kept telling me he was sorry and that he never meant to ‘off’ my mother who he kept calling ‘Pink’ He said a bunch of other heinous stuff that I won’t describe.

He was obviously off his rocker, but the scariest part of it all was that while he was saying all of this creepy stuff, he actually sounded so rational and calm. That experience gave me the creeps for a long time after that. I’ll never look at the library the same way. Reddit: roguechimera

Just A Bread




I am at the grocery store standing in front of the French bread. I notice this strange guy standing there, staring at the food. About 40 years old, jean shorts, a little overweight, handlebar mustache, tight shirt, flip-flops. I pick up one loaf of bread and he turns to me with a strange smile. I couldn’t deal with the creepiness so I walked away with my bread.

Once I’m safe and have calmed down a bit, I change my mind on my selection and go back to the bread aisle and that dude is still standing in the same spot…just staring. So, I put the bread back and he immediately grabs it, the one I just put down, and storms to the cash register. Pays and leaves. That is the only thing he bought. Reddit: MrFromEurope

Step-Daughter Scent


When I was only 16 years old, my stepfather said the creepiest thing—it still haunts me to this day. I’ll never be able to look at him the same again.

We were alone in the car together on an hour-long drive when he randomly said, ‘Your pheromones smell good.’ I’ll never forget it. Reddit: Throw09876543away

Something Terrible


I was sitting on a train in the Bay Area and some guy dressed in a 3-piece suit walks up to me and sits directly across from me. I had my headphones in as we west coasters don’t want to be bothered and he taps my leg gesturing to ask me something.

He looked me dead in the eye and said ‘You’re going to have a terrible, terrible life.’, then got up and walked away. That was 4 years ago so I’m still waiting for the terrible thing to happen! Reddit: Far-Description

Suggestive Tone


While I was working, a man came in and asked for help finding some CDs. He gave me the names and I didn’t see it on the shelf so I decided to check our understock under the shelves. I went on my hands and knees to look and found the CDs…I stood up and said, ‘Here you go, that should be all the ones you wanted.’

And before I could say anything else…He goes ‘I bet you spend a lot of time on your hands and knees huh?’ in a rather suggestive tone. I had no idea what to do so I just awkwardly giggled and asked if he needed any more help finding things and he said ‘no’ so I quickly ran into the back and waited for five minutes for him to check out and leave. Reddit: urbanlulu


Free Taste


Back when I was at university, I was living in halls. I shared my dorm with 5 other people and the guy in the opposite room from me was giving off weird vibes. Once I fell asleep with a movie on in my room and left my door open. Around 2 a.m., I wake up and find him standing in the corner of my room watching me sleep. I ask him what he’s doing and he replies, ‘Making sure you’re OK.’

We ordered Dominos once and I was eating my garlic bread, I left it on the table whilst I went to grab something, there were 3 pieces in there. One slice was half-eaten because I’d started it, and the other two were untouched. When I came back, he’d started eating the one I’d already started. But he said he really wanted to taste the one I’d bitten. Reddit: No-Low-409



When I was in elementary school, I got a new phone…I took the bus home after school and played some games on my phone when two older guys who were probably in their early twenties started talking to me, saying how cool my phone was and if they could have a closer look at it. After a couple of minutes, they gave it back to me and I went off the bus…

Suddenly my dad, sitting in front of his PC, called me over…It was an email, sent to his account, directed at me talking about how they met me on the bus and that I was so nice and fun, and if I would like to meet them again. My dad laughed and mocked me about how ‘I have an admirer’, but I clearly remember my heart sinking to my feet as I remembered those two guys I encountered some days prior. Some p——— sent me an email to my dad’s account, trying to meet me again and my dad mocked me for having admirers. Reddit: Beanibean248

Subway Chills


I was 15 years old when I went on a school trip to London. Some shady guy walked up next to me on the subway. He was staring at me intently for some reason. He pushed his thigh up against my leg and I felt a little sting. When I looked down to see what had stung me, I froze.


I noticed that he was hiding a knife in his pocket. He stood there for another few seconds before he walked away, presumably to terrorize someone else. Reddit: FamiliarParamedic2



On nice days when I missed the bus home from high school, I would walk home. Like the dumb, first person to die in a horror movie, I would take a shortcut through the woods. It saved me a mile of walking to go this way.

One day, I was walking along the path and suddenly a man who was crouching behind a bush jumped out. He stands up and sheepishly looks at the ground in front of him while I pass. I made sure to keep him in peripheral vision until he was out of sight. I can’t think of any reason he would be crouched behind a bush in the woods. Reddit: Allure843

The Soap


My father forced me to take cold showers. He kept saying ‘You smell horrible, go take a cold shower and use the soap I gave you.’ And I did, like five times a day, it was driving me insane. My mom never really said anything, which was very odd as we were very close. One day my boyfriend came over and I asked, ‘Baby, do I stink?’ He just laughed it off and got up to go to the bathroom. Moments later, he comes back with a PALE look on his face, holding the soap I used to shower.

‘Who gave you this?! Are you taking cold showers with this?!?’ My blood froze. ‘Yeah, why?!’ He started crying, ‘They didn’t tell you, did they?! Baby, this isn’t soap! It’s used to remove hair. And it’s been all over the news for having cancer-causing chemicals. It’s been recalled.’ Reddit: [deleted]

Chewed Gum


There was a girl in my class in my junior year who was really good-looking and was also my acquaintance. Many guys had a crush on her. One day a socially awkward guy who I didn’t know just sat beside me and struck up a conversation, asking about how I know that girl, how did you meet her, and so on.


Then after some time, he pulls out a crumbled paper, and her name is written on it, then he goes on to tell me, it contains her discarded chewing gum that missed the garbage can and he picked it up. I just told him that he was being incredibly creepy and left. Warned that girl about him afterward. Reddit: Altruistic_demon

A Little Show


When I was in high school, me and a couple of friends took some a— and went to a nature preserve. We were sitting on a bench in a covered area that was kind of remote and this lady probably in her thirties jogs right up in front of us and starts stretching and each time she would arch her back and turn her head to look at us.

She even looked at us from between her legs, now she was about 5 feet directly in front of us very close, just bizarre. This went on for what seemed like forever and I couldn’t tell if I was just tripping but we all saw it, I have no idea what she was doing. Reddit: monkeyrobotninja

Beach, Don’t Even!


I was at a popular beach by a lake with some girlfriends. While my friends were in the water I stayed with our things and sunbathed in a bikini. I noticed a guy who was with a group of men a couple of meters away from us pointing his phone at me. I first thought he was just checking his phone but then I heard his phone camera click.

He did it a couple of times. I ran over to my friends and we debated what to do. Eventually, a friend and I worked up the courage to confront him. He pretended not to speak German but finally one of the guys from his group handed us his phone and we did find multiple photos of me, mostly zoomed in on my b—. Of course, we deleted all the photos off of his phone before handing it back. We were all furious, but there was not much more we could do so we just left immediately. Reddit: burble_10

Hair Cut


I was in the middle of a retail shift and it was probably late at night when this middle-aged woman came through my line. She stared at me for a solid minute or so before asking me to remove my face mask so she could see my face. I was super confused but did it anyway. She then handed me a card and told me she wanted to cut my hair and then left.


It literally was the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me. She has come through my line a few more times after that and all she does is stare at me while I’m cashing her out and at the end, she’ll mumble about when I’m going to let her cut my hair. Reddit: xxzaif

Brief Classroom Surprise


Arrived early one morning for class and the door was locked, lights off, so I just waited until my lecturer arrived. Suddenly, the classroom door unlocks from the inside. It’s the lecturer, wearing nothing but his u———.

I’m speechless, but without missing a beat he says, ‘Sometimes I just love standing in the dark looking over the city.’ Then he turns on the light, pulls on his clothes, and quietly sits at his desk. Reddit: JomatoSoup