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Famous Celebrity Kids Who Are All Grown Up Now


Time flies when you’re having kids or fun, and the best way to realize how old you are is to have children of your own and watch them grow up right before your very eyes. Sadly, everyone grows older. The good thing is this natural process doesn’t apply to celebrity parents who manage to stay youthful as their kids bloom.

See Madonna’s youthful looks despite already having grown-up kids. Look at how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s face is as solidly young as a rock despite already having a teen daughter. While others would probably look worn out and threadbare, these famous celebrity parents could pass off as the siblings of their sons and daughters. Read on and find out who they are.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Daughter: Annie Guest

Photo: Photo: Pinterest/IMDb

Everyone was caught by surprise when Annie Guest appeared with her mother, Jamie Lee Curtis, at the Golden Globe Awards back in 2016. Very few recognized Annie on the red carpet probably because the last time she was publicly seen in a formal entertainment-related event with her mother was back when she was just a child.

Compare her picture then and now. Who would think that this adorable cutie would morph into a woman who has a passion for dancing? As it turns out, Annie is as passionate as her mother to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Annie graduated with a BFA in Dance from Kenyon College. She now works as a dance teacher in Los Angeles.

Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter: Ava Phillippe

Photo:; IMDb

Ava Philippe has some good genes running inside her blood. When her parents, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippine, met on the set of the movie Cruel Intentions, they eventually dated, got married, and had kids. They were a power couple back in the 1990s but sadly called it quits in 2006. Despite their divorce in 2008, their relationship left behind a set of good-looking children.

But as Ava Phillippe blossomed into a young woman, her resemblance to her mother is especially mind-blowing. Like Reese, Ava entered the entertainment industry when she was seen for the first time on the red carpet. Young as she is, she donned a Chanel outfit in time for the launch of the company’s new Chanel No. 5 L’eau perfume. Will Ava follow in her mother’s footsteps as an actress? Only time will tell.

Yolanda Hadid’s Daughter: Bella Hadid Yolanda

Photo: Pinterest/

Yolanda Hadid was initially famous in the Netherlands as a popular model. Then, she hit it big when she became one of the cast of the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

When she had children, her genes were evident in every one of them – particularly Bella Hadid, a model who clearly followed in her mother’s footsteps. Bella is under contract with IMG Models. Back in 2016, she was awarded by GQ magazine as Model of the Year and has been a regular in Victoria’s Secret runway show.


Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora’s Daughter: Ava Sambora

Photo: Pinterest/

Just like her famous parents, Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora (the guitarist of Bon Jovi), Ava Sambora is now following in their footsteps by engaging in a similar career in showbiz. While her mother started her acting career in television, Ava did things a tad differently. She instead proudly walked the stage to feature her own father’s clothing line called White Trash Beautiful.

Ava also turned heads when she debuted on the runway in 2010. Like her mother, she also had a talent for acting, debuting in the movie This is 40 in 2012. She was also in the reality show series SummerBreak3 in 2016.

Rob Lowe’s Son: John Owen Lowe

Photo: Pinterest/

John Owen Lowe was only a toddler when he was first shown by his father, Rob Lowe, to the public. Rob clearly had a great influence on John’s decision to dabble in acting as he was featured in a guest role on his dad’s television comedy series The Grinder.

Who said nepotism can’t get you anywhere? Fortunately for John Owen, his father was a popular heartthrob and a respected actor in Hollywood. Rob made sure that despite his fame, he prioritizes his family’s welfare over anything else and regularly posts family pictures of them together along with Matthew, his other son.

Tiger Woods’ Daughter: Sam Alexis Woods


Was it only yesterday when the world witnessed the birth of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s daughter? It was 2007 when Sam Alexis Woods was born, which coincidentally was a day after the US Open. Now, Sam is a little older and Tiger believes she resembles him more than she does his ex-wife.

Due to the couple’s split – no thanks to Tiger’s wandering eyes — Sam Alexis is dividing her time equally with her parents. Despite her father being a world-class golfer, Sam is not impressed with the sport. Reportedly, she prefers soccer. Sorry, Tiger.

Heidi Klum and Seal’s Daughter: Lou Sulola Samuel


What happens when a world-famous supermodel and Kiss From A Rose singer, Seal, come together to produce a child? The result would be Lou Sulola Samuel. Born in 2009, Lou Sulola was born four years after her parents tied the knot. Now, Lou is growing up to be as beautiful as her folks.


Other than Lou Sulola, the couple also has two other kids together – their eldest, Helene, followed by Henry and Johan. With Lou’s birth, the couple expressed that it was “endless love at first sight. She is beautiful beyond words, and we are happy that she chose us to watch her grow over the coming years.”

Julianne Moore’s Daughter: Liv Moore


Liv Moore, the daughter of actress Julianne Moore and film director Bart Freundlich, has been described as her mother’s lookalike. She used to be pictured being carried by her mother when she was younger, but now she’s already towering over Julianne.

Now that Liv is older, her mother has also started to take her to red-carpet events. She has also been featured in small roles in numerous films, including movies like Trust the Man and Rebound.

Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden’s Daughter: Taylor Cranston


From Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston and actress Robin Dearden’s marriage came about a daughter, Taylor Cranston, with a similar talent for acting as her parents.

Though she did get a part in her father’s Breaking Bad series as the girl with a sad face, Taylor is slowly but surely making a name for herself. She was Ophelia in MTV’s Sweet/Vicious, a critically acclaimed show that was unfortunately canceled after one season.

Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson’s Daughter: Dakota Johnson

Photo: Pinterest/

Dakota Johnson cannot escape the lure of the klieg lights no thanks to both of her parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, being actors. Though she was first publicly seen alongside her mother in red-carpet events when she was a child, Dakota is now more famous than her folks.

Her first foray into film was in the drama Crazy in Alabama where she was seen starring along with her mother Melanie in 1999. Now, Dakota is famous for playing the role of Anastasia Steele in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and the film’s sequel Fifty Shades Darker.

Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s Daughter: Zoë Kravitz

Photo: Pinterest/

What happens when you combine Cosby star Lisa Bonet and singer Lenny Kravitz? You get Zoe, an actress, singer, and model whose most popular role was in the superhero movie X—Men: First Class. Talent clearly runs in the family as her film debut was in the 2007 movie No Reservations. Besides movies, Zoe has also been seen on television.


Her breakthrough TV role was in 2011 when she played a character named Pearl in the series Californication. Her other movie credits include Divergent as well as the Best Picture nominee Mad Max: Fury Road.

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon’s Daughter: Sosie Bacon


Sosie Bacon, just like her actor parents, Kevin and Kyra Sedgwick, has got acting genes running in her bloodstream. Reportedly, her parents isolated her from the call of the klieg lights when she was little.

However, her father decided to place her in the role of Emily in the movie Loverboy directed by her father. Since then, Sosie has continued acting. She also appeared in the series The Closer together with her mother. On her own, she managed to bag a few roles in the movies Charlie Says and The Last Summer.

Jude Law’s Son: Rafferty Law


Jude Law’s son, Rafferty, has been making waves in the entertainment industry as a model, actor, and musician. Often referred to as a spitting image of his father, Rafferty has already made a name for himself in the modeling world, walking down runways for luxury brands like DKNY and Dolce & Gabbana.

Described as a young Jude Law, Rafferty is making sure he is stepping out of his popular father’s shadow. As a musician, he is also a guitarist and frontman for his own band, The Dirty Harry. The young man has managed to gain more than 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Andy Garcia’s Daughter: Dominik Cristina Garcia-Lorido

Photo: Pinterest/

Once pictured as a little girl standing beside his famous actor father, Andy Garcia, Dominik Cristina Garcia-Lorido is now a young woman who is also in the acting profession. Thanks to her father, she was able to appear in the 2005 movie The Lost City directed by her father.

But even without him, she has also managed to get roles on her own, appearing in Magic City, Wild Card, and Desolation. Her younger sister, Alessandra is also in the entertainment business and is a plus-size model.


Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s Daughter: Frances Bean Cobain


Frances Bean is the only daughter of Courtney Love and legendary Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain, who passed away when she was only an infant. Now, she is heavily involved in her father’s work. She acted as a producer on the documentary produced by HBO titled Cobain: Montage of Heck and also posed for the magazine Elle while wearing her dad’s clothes.

Likely inheriting her parents’ artistic skills, Frances is also a visual artist who once featured her work in a debut solo show in February 2012. Despite being a member of rock and roll royalty and having inherited more than $100 million from her father’s estate, she keeps a low profile. She recently sold a $2.3 million Spanish bungalow she lived in with her ex-husband, indie musician Isiah Silva.

Joe Mantegna’s Daughter: Gia Mantegna


Gia Mantegna wants to be known as herself, not as the daughter of Criminal Minds actor Joe Mantegna or restaurateur Arlene Vrhel – fortunately, she’s succeeding. At only 13 years old, she managed to debut in the movie Uncle Nino, going on to land a slew of Hollywood roles.

She was also in 13 Going On 30 with Jennifer Garner and In The Land of Women. But besides acting, Gia is a singer and musician in her own right and can play the saxophone and piano.

David Hasselhoff’s Daughter: Hayley Hasselhoff


David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach’s daughter, Hayley – no one knew she existed until she was featured in the 2010 reality television series The Hasselhoff. But prior to this, she has been seen acting with her father in a 1999 episode of Baywatch.

Hayley is loud and proud about her weight and is working primarily as a plus-size fashion model. Since she was 14 years old, she has modeled for several companies already. Thanks to her embracing who she really is, she bagged the role of Amber on the television series Huge.

Gordon Ramsay’s Son: Jack Scott Ramsay

Photo: @gordonramsay

Who knew Hell’s Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay could be a doting dad to his son Jack Scott? But apparently, he is. While everyone thought Gordon Ramsay needed anger management classes, with his children, he quite the opposite.


Unlike his father, however, Jack Scott is not interested to be in the kitchen. Though he did appear as a guest judge in Gordon’s television show Master Chef, he is more interested to be part of the Royal Navy elite. Jack is also a fitness buff. He may need it as he potentially could be working his butt off as his father has publicly made it known that none of his kids will be inheriting his fortune.

Kate Beckinsale’s Daughter: Lily Mo Sheen


Though Lily Mo Sheen’s parents, actress Kate Beckinsale and Welsh actor Michael Sheen were never married, the two are able to co-parent effectively for their daughter’s sake. Now, Lily Mo has grown up and dabbled into acting just like her parents.

Her three film credits include Everybody’s Fine back in 2009. She also had a minor role in the 2006 movie Click and Underworld: Evolution. Lily In the end, she decided to pursue a degree instead of an acting career, and she is currently enrolled at New York University.

Danny DeVito’s Daughter: Lucy DeVito


Lucy decided to pursue the same career her parents pursued and is now slowly but surely following in their footsteps. Her father is Danny DeVito while her mother is Rhea Perlman. She can now be seen in a recurring role on the series Melissa & Joey. Aside from television, she also appeared as Anne Frank on Washington’s Intiman theatre stage back in 2008.

Growing up, similar to other kinds of celebrities, she appeared along with her father on-screen. She was in Danny DeVito’s hit show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Lucy’s other films include Leaves of Grass and Sleepwalk With Me.

Alec Baldwin’s Daughter: Ireland Baldwin


Ireland Baldwin is the daughter of infamous hothead Alec Baldwin actress and model Kim Basinger. She seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps though as she is currently working under IMG Models. She made her debut in 2013 via a swimwear ad in the New York Post, an editorial her father wasn’t pleased about.


For her acting debut, Ireland portrayed a young Kim Basinger in the movie Grudge Match. But modeling is more her cup of tea as she has been featured in a slew of editorials on Vanity Fair, W Magazine, and Elle. On television, she was in the made-for-TV movie Campus Caller.

Tom Hanks’ Son: Colin Hanks


Colin Hanks should thank his lucky stars for getting the acting genes from both his parents, Oscar award winner Tom and actress Samantha Lewes. Even without the help of his father, though his last name certainly helped, Colin has appeared in a slew of roles since 1996.

His first television debut was on the sci-fi series Roswell, but he decided on a different path although in the same industry. He directed All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records back in 2015. He also did voice acting in the animated series PAW Patrol.

Meryl Streep’s Daughter: Mamie Gummer

Photo: Pinterest/

Mamie Gummer has some big shoes to fill. She is the daughter of multi-award-winning actress Meryl Streep and Don Gummer. Similar to other celebrity kids, Mamie appeared alongside her actress mother in the 1986 movie Heartburn. She once again appeared on-screen with her mother in the 2015 movie Ricki and the Flash.

Aside from movies, Gummer has also appeared on television in the series The Good Wife, The Collection, and Emily Owens M.D. Though once married to actor Benjamin Walker, Gummer is now amicably separated.

Michael Douglas’ Son: Cameron Douglas

Photo: Instagram @cameronmorrelldouglas/

Cameron similarly has some big shoes to fill, two pairs specifically. His father is actor Michael Douglas and his grandfather is legendary actor Kirk Douglas. Similar to his dad and grandfather, Cameron has decided to pursue acting and has been in several movies, including It Runs In The Family, Mr. Nice Guy, Loaded, and National Lampoon’s Adam & Eve.

Could the pressure of being a Douglas have gotten into him? Cameron has reportedly been found guilty of multiple offenses. He is required to serve seven years in prison. Two of those years were him spending time in solitary confinement. He is currently writing a book to document his prison experience.


Mia Farrow’s Son: Ronan Farrow

Photo: Pinterest/

Ronan Farrow is Mia Farrow’s son. Legally, Woody Allen is his father, but rumors swirl that his biological father is Frank Sinatra. The facts are unclear, but Ronan has publicly denounced Woody and wants nothing to do with him.

He also wants nothing to do with show business and has made journalism his career of choice. Now, he’s an activist and lawyer. He was a UNICEF Youth Spokesperson when he was only 14 years old up until he was 22. He later joined the Obama Administration as a Humanitarian Special Advisor. Currently, he is with NBC’s Today Show for the series Undercover With Ronan Farrow. Who knew Mia Farrow’s son would turn out to be a genius?

Angelina Jolie’s Son: Maddox Jolie Pitt

Photo: @michaelroche

Maddox is Angelina Jolie’s first adopted son. She saw Maddox as a baby when she shot a film in Cambodia. She was so smitten with Maddox that she later adopted him. Maddox was reportedly one of the reasons Angelina and Brad’s split became final.

Maddox reportedly had to physically restrain his adoptive father Brad Pitt during the couple’s fight. But Brad – either accidentally or intentionally – hit Maddox thus causing Angelina to file for divorce. The divorce seems to be affecting Maddox as reports claim that he did not want to see Brad for an entire month after the divorce filing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son: Joseph Baena


Joseph Baena is the product of the tryst between Arnold Schwarzenegger and his housekeeper. Reportedly, Arnold was married and living with his then-wife Maria Shriver when his love child with the housekeeper was born in 1997. To add insult to injury, Joseph was born days after his wife gave birth to their son.

Joseph Baena is now publicly acknowledged by Arnold as his son since the media revealed the information. The California governor even posted on social media his affection for Joseph when he expressed how much he loves his son.


Johnny Depp’s Daughter: Lily-Rose Depp

Photo: Twitter @CiaraFutalan/

Lily-Rose is another showbiz royalty thanks to her father being a Hollywood heartthrob and eccentric Johnny Depp, plus her model, actress, and singer mother, Vanessa Paradis. Despite her being an heir to the Depp Hollywood fortune, she is making sure she also earns her own keep.

Lily-Rose is an actress and model who evidently got her parents’ genes. She is a commercial model for Chanel perfume. In the movies, she starred in the Kevin Smith-directed Yoga Hosers. She is set to appear in another Smith film in the same role.

Jamie Foxx’s Daughter: Corrine Bishop

Photo: @cucharajewelry

Jamie Foxx is loud and proud of his daughter Corrine Bishop. Though it is unknown who Corinne’s mother is, Jamie is keeping her away from the public eye even when she was young. The closest she came to being in show business was when she was seen regularly walking the red carpet with her daddy. Like her father, she is also dabbling in acting.

Corinne appeared in the MTV short-lived series, “Sweet/Vicious.” Despite her acting gigs, her father made sure Corinne gets a good education. In 2016, she graduated with a degree in Public relations from USC or the University of Southern California.

Mick Jagger’s Daughter: Georgia May Jagger

Photo: Twitter @Mpj72610Yukako/

Georgia May Jagger is more her mother, model Jerry Hall, than she is her father, singer Mick Jagger. This young lady, like her mom, has appeared in a slew of modeling campaigns for big companies such as H&M, Rommel, and Miu Miu. Plus, she modeled for the fashion line, Versace.

Currently, Georgia is under contract with Independent Models and is being represented by TESS Model Management. But other than modeling, Georgia shows her artistic side by designing her own collection with Mulberry and Volcom. She is also a partner in Bleach Salon’s branch in London.

Sean Penn’s Daughter: Dylan Penn


Dylan Penn is the daughter of edgy yet talented actor Sean Penn and sweet actress Robin Wright. Despite her parents being both in the acting profession, Dylan chose a different path. She pursued a modeling career and has been seen in campaigns for Gap. She was also featured in magazines such as Elle and GQ.


However, expressing her artistic side seems to run in her blood as she is aching to work behind the scenes as a director and writer. But before she makes her own film, she is trying her hand at acting via the movies Elvis & Nixon and Condemned.

Robin Thick’s Son: Julian Fuego Thicke

Photo: Instagram @julianfuegothicke/Pinterest

This cute little blonde boy is the son of singer Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton. Sadly, his parents have long split, presumably, because they got together when they were a tad too young (only 16 years old). They married in 2005 and their union produced Julian five years later. The ex-couple is trying their best to cooperant with Julian despite their separation.

Paula has revealed that Julian is growing up to be like his father as he is also singing and is into piano playing. The boy also reportedly loves performing for a crowd. Recently, Julian became a big brother to his little sister, Mia, Robin’s daughter from his girlfriend April Love Geary.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.


Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo was so happy when his son was born in June 2010 that he named his little boy after him. Though Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is a bit older now, it is unknown who his mother is. Reportedly, his mother was given a large amount of money in exchange for Ronaldo’s full custody of his son.

Though Ronaldo Jr. grew up without knowing his mother, Cristiano explained that he will reveal everything to his son at the right time. Ronaldo Jr. has since met his father’s girlfriend and was recently seen with her and Cristiano at a restaurant in London.

Nicole Kidman’s Son: Connor Cruise

Photo: Pinterest/

Connor is the adopted son of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. However, rumors say that Tom Cruise has prevented all their children from seeing Nicole due to her not being a member of the Church of Scientology. Now, Connor prefers to stay out of his parents’ way as well as from the limelight.

Unlike his parents, Connor did not choose an acting profession. Instead, he is working as a DJ and regularly gets gigs in various parts of the United States. He is also a devoted Scientologist like his father. He currently stays in a Scientologist community in Clearwater, Florida.


David Beckham’s Son: Brooklyn Beckham


Having grown up with your mother as a Spice Girl, Brooklyn certainly lived a life where everything is nice. Add in your soccer player dad, David Beckham, and you get a life few could only dream of. Brooklyn, however, chose a career that is far different from his parents and instead chose to be a photographer.

However, Brooklyn seems to have gotten popular, not due to his profession but because of his public split with Chloe Grace Moretz back in 2014. Though they came back together in 2016, their relationship didn’t last long. He recently made headlines due to his supposedly racist remark on his social media account.

Billy Joel’s Daughter: Alexa Ray Joel

Photo: Pinterest/

Alexa Ray has got some big shoes to fill no thanks to her dad being singer Billy Joel. Like her father, she not only sings and writes her own songs, but she also knows how to play the piano.

She has released a slew of songs, the first of which was back in 2006 titled Sketches. Besides music, she was also signed up to be a commercial model for Prell shampoo. Her mother is supermodel Christie Brinkley thus explaining her similar supermodel looks.

Clint Eastwood’s Daughter: Francesca Eastwood

Photo: Pinterest/

When actress Frances Fisher and actor Clint Eastwood met, their union produced Francesca Eastwood. She followed the footsteps of her famous parents by similarly pursuing a career in Hollywood. As an actress, she was seen in the movies Jersey Boys and True Crime. She also appeared in a reality show which featured her famous family.

Believe it or not, Francesca was part of Mrs. Eastwood & Company, a television series that followed the lives of Francesca and the entire Eastwood clan. Unfortunately, the series was short-lived the same way her marriage to Jordan Feldstein, the brother of Jonah Hill, was.

Michael Jackson’s Daughter: Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

Photo: Pinterest/

Paris is touted to be the sole daughter of legendary music icon Michael Jackson. Her mother is Nurse Debbie Rowe. Though her biological parents were reportedly not in a relationship at the time of her conception, Rowe has good things to say about the King of Pop.


Since Michael’s death, Paris has constantly shown respect for the legacy Michael Jackson left behind. She spoke in her father’s eulogy and accepted on his behalf a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 52nd Grammy Awards.

Robin Williams’ Daughter: Zelda Williams


Robin Williams is the premier comedian many dreams of emulating. Upon his death, he left behind her daughter Zelda, an actress who has been performing since she was five years old. She has also starred with her father in the movie, House of D.

Zelda also did voice work for the animated television series The Legend of Korra. But more than acting, Zelda’s passion lay in sports as she claims to be a serious athlete. She previously dated Jackson Haywood and has announced she is bisexual.

Mario Lopez’s Daughter: Gia Lopez


Who knew comedian and host Mario Lopez would have a daughter who would follow in her father’s footsteps? Though still young, Gia Lopez is pursuing a Hollywood career. Her mother is actress Courtney Lazza. At the young age of five, she managed to acquire an acting contract. She also does voice work.

She was Estrella, a character in the Disney Junior animated television series Elena of Avalor. She also appeared in the series Jane the Virgin. At 7 years old, she appeared as herself in a contest called Big Star, Little Star. Clearly, one is never too young to start early.

Sandra Bullock’s Son: Louis Bardo Bullock


We fell in love with Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping and Speed. Her marriage to Jesse James didn’t result in children and they divorced five years after tying the knot. In 2010, however, motherhood was calling to her and she adopted Louis.

Bryan Randal is not only Sandra’s better half but he also filled in as stepdad. Bullock has said that she is currently taking time off. She has not quit her career but said that she prefers spending time with her two children rather than doing anything else at the moment.


Bruce Willis’ Daughter: Rumer Willis


Rumer Willis’ Hollywood pedigree is impressive. Her father is action star Bruce Willis and her mother is actress Demi Moore. Like her parents, she pursued a career in acting and was seen in movies like Whole Nine Yards and Hostage. On television, she was also in 90210 and Army Wives.

Though she may not be as famous as her parents, she is adamant to establish a name for herself. Her theatre debut was as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago – no less on Broadway. She also won in the 20th season of the show Dancing with the Stars.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Daughter: Simone Alexandra Johnson


Despite The Rock’s hardcore status as an intimidating wrestler due to his strong build, he is a softy on the inside thanks to him being a father to daughter Simone Alexandra Johnson. Simone regularly goes with her dad to red-carpet events.

Simone is now a big sister to her younger sister Jasmine, The Rock’s daughter with his fiancée, Lauren Hashing. Simone actively shares her thoughts on social media and is a big wrestling fan.

Lance Armstrong’s Daughter: Grace Armstrong


Being Lance Armstrong’s daughter is no easy feat considering that Lance was accused of lying and cheating in his competitions. It was back in 2012 when he was found using performance-enhancing substitutes – an event that caused authorities to revoke and void all his titles.

Despite these controversies, Grace managed to handle all the drama. She continues to support her father both in his biking career as well as personally. She is willing to stand by her dad through and through.

Muhammad Ali’s Daughter: Laila Ali


Though she may not be able to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee the way her father, Muhammad Ali, can – Laila Ali is doing her best to follow in the footsteps of her father. Similar to Ali, she pursued a career in boxing and was able to retire with no defeats as well as with numerous titles her father will surely be proud of.

Aside from boxing, Laila also hosted a Saturday morning show on CBS titled All In With Laila Ali. She also recently appeared in the reality television series Celebrity Apprentice where Arnold Schwarzenegger was the host. She was also featured in a reality TV show titled Late Night Chef Fight.


Christopher Reeve’s Son: Will Reeve


Will Reeve is the son Christopher Reeve and Dana Reeve left behind when the Superman actor passed away in 2004, followed two years later by his wife. How then-11-year-old Will managed to survive a heart-wrenching personal tragedy speaks of his resilience.

Now, Will is using his experience to honor the legacy left behind by his parents. Currently, Will is actively fulfilling his responsibility as an ambassador and board member of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. He also works as a contributor for ESPN.

Tom Brady’s Son: John Edward Thomas Moynahan


John Edward was an adorable baby then, and he is just as adorable as a teenager now. He highly likely takes after his quarterback player father Tom Brady and actress Bridget Moynahan. Though John’s infant years were a bit problematic considering that his parents split at that time, while Tom was then pursuing a relationship with his now girlfriend Gisele Bundchen, everything seems happily ever after now.

Gisele expresses how much she loves John as if he wasn’t her own. John has half-siblings from stepmother Gisele. According to Gisele, she has always felt that John was no different from her own kids from the first day they met. However, Bridget doesn’t seem pleased with how John is being paraded around for the paparazzi to see.

Pierce Brosnan’s Son: Dylan Brosnan


Dylan Brosnan’s good looks evidently come from his James Bond actor father Pierce Brosnan. Dylan stands a towering 6’1” and has a jawline to die for. Despite his sharp good looks, he preferred to pursue a career path different from his dad.

At the young age of 16, Dylan is posed to either conquer the world or the fashion magazines of Milan. He has walked runways and is playing music for his Raspberry Blonde band. Despite his seeming busyness, he is still a young man who loves surfing on the beaches of California.

Diego Maradona’s Daughter: Dalma Maradona

Photo: Twitter @ALDANA_C/

The late Diego Maradona was a coach and famed soccer player considered one of the best in the world. Dalma Maradona is the eldest of his five children. Despite growing up around the world of sports, Dalma chose a different field to excel in. Dalma is pursuing a career as an actress.


Though Dalma lived most of her childhood in different places each time her father was traded, she decided to instead work in the entertainment field. Her hometown of Argentina has seen her in a slew of movies and television series since 1997. Aside from acting, she is also a professional singer.

John Travolta’s Daughter: Ella Travolta


Also known as Ella Blue, she is the daughter of actor, singer, and dancer John Travolta, and the late actress Kelly Preston. Ella is growing up to be an actor the same way her famous parents are. Her first feature film was the 2009 movie Old Dogs, a movie which starred her dad and comedian Robin Williams.

In The Poison Rose, she plays a character named Rebecca Hunt. The movie is set to be a thriller and also stars Brendan Fraser and Morgan Freeman, as well as her father John Travolta. She was also seen in The Life and Death of John Gotti as the character of Angel Gotti.

Michael Jackson’s Son: Blanket Jackson


Remember the baby who was dangled off a window by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, back in 2002? That baby isn’t just alive and well, he is now a full-fledged young man. Blanket, whose birth name is Prince Michael Jackson, is the son of the late Michael Jackson. He reportedly has long moved on from the incident considering that he may not have remembered it at all.

Blanket is doing his best to live a normal life far from the lights and sounds of Hollywood or the music industry. He also changed his name to Bigi to avoid being bullied. He reportedly is the tallest among his siblings.