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These Are The Must-Have Gadgets You Need For Your Car

woman smiling in car
Photo: Fernandes

The average person spends about 17,600 minutes, or nearly 300 hours per year in the car. While we can’t cut down on how long you may spend in traffic or commuting each day, we can help you make the time spent in your ride as comfortable as possible.

By adding just a few innovative gadgets at an affordable price, your whole driving experience may turn from annoying to one of your most relaxing parts of your day. Here are some of our favorite devices you should definitely make sure you have…

SlimK LED Road Flare Discs

road flare discs

Roadside emergencies are not something any of us want to experience. Driving a new vehicle isn’t necessarily insurance against an emergency, either, so it’s necessary to be prepared if you find yourself having to pull over.

SlimK LED Road Flare Discs produce bright, visible light patterns for nighttime highway breakdowns. Whether your issue is a flat tire, a breakdown, or a medical emergency, you will be spotted within minutes of setting up these flares. 

Thule Motion XT XXL Rooftop Cargo

packing suitcase onto car roof
Photo: Kneschke

Despite the growing size of the cars we drive, sometimes there’s just not enough room to store all your necessities as you travel cross country. Thanks to the Thule Motion XT XXL Rooftop Cargo Unit, you can reclaim your vehicle once more.

The oversized roof-mounted cargo box provides 22 cubic feet of additional packing space. Its aerodynamic design won’t mess with your gas mileage, and a quick mount system clicks in easily as you load and unload precious cargo.

ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

this worx car vacuum

Parents, we know that the backseat of your chariot is probably a bit of a mess. All those snacks, wrappers, and excess sand from the beach are threatening your posh ride, with your kids at the hub of all the chaos.

Rather than pulling into intermittent gas stations and searching for loose change to clean as you go, pick up a ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner. The 12-volt outlet adapter plugs easily into your adapter, allowing for both wet and dry cleanup.

 HUDWAY Cast Projection System


For the driver who needs the latest and greatest car gadget, the HUDWAY Cast projection system is the way to go. The first of its kind, it will transform your smartphone into a HUD display for your vehicle.

Not only does the heads-up display project your GPS system onto your windshield, the technology can also be used to read texts, send and receive calls, and control music. This innovative technology is priced for the masses, and it’s primed to infiltrate the entire automobile industry.

AutoXcape Life-Saving Tool

Photo: Flow

Safety on the road is a priority for most drivers, yet we may find ourselves in an emergency situation where you need to act quickly in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. The AutoXcape Life-Saving Device is a perfect tool for those unforeseen situations.

Made of military-grade metal alloy, this 3-in-1 tool serves as a seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and emergency flashlight. All these tools are vital for survival if you find yourself in a worst-case scenario and help is not immediately available.

Luno Air Mattress

luno air mattress

Whether you fancy yourself a minimalist who likes sleeping under the stars or you prefer the comfort of a 5-star hotel when traveling, there may be times when an unscheduled nap or an unexpected overnight stay is in order.

Feel free to snooze away thanks to the cushioned comfort of a Luno Air Mattress. Fitting well into almost 1800 vehicle types, this inflatable wonder turns the rear seat of your car into a plush bed for use anytime, anywhere. 

Car Swivel Tray and Storage Bin

car swivel tray

How many times have you rolled your eyes at the sound of a drink or snack being spilled in the backseat, listening to Cheezits scatter everywhere? While long hours in the car call for snack sustenance, there must be a way to secure them.

The Car Swivel Tray and Storage Bin is your answer to keep snacks in one place during those impromptu work sessions when a stable work desk is necessary. Storing neatly in its own compartment, it’ll help keep your car’s interior a bit neater on those long trips.

Trip Worthy First Aid Kit


Whether your destination is a beach day or a cross-country trip to the coast, it’s essential to have a first aid kit for all those unexpected situations that may come up. The TripWorthy First Aid kit is a premium product worthy of mention.

100 pieces of quality first aid materials comprise this kit, including antiseptic wipes, emergency blankets, bandages, and other essentials. All packaged neatly into a case weighing no more than a pound, it’s a must-have for any proactive traveler.

AUKEY Dash Cam


Vloggers, pay attention. Your road trips just became easier to document with the addition of a mounted AUKEY Dash Cam to document everything from the world’s largest ball of twine to the country’s best continental breakfast.

Top-notch suction cup mounts are crafted to stand the test of time, while video quality and field of vision are reportedly superior to comparable dash cams. Place it on your dash, power it up, and make magical memories, one trip at a time.

Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector


Do you find yourself with a lead foot, especially on the highway? We know you may have a penchant for speeding a little faster than your friendly highway patrolman would appreciate. Consider picking up the Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector to help you safely breeze down the road.

The Escort contains many intelligent features and amazing long-range radar detection capabilities. It’s one of your best bets for avoiding expensive speeding tickets as you race to your next destination.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

smiling in car

Sitting in one position for hours on end can wreak havoc on your back, legs, and posterior. With few options for pulling over and stretching, there’s got to be an alternative to toughing it out as you head on down the road.

The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion is a serious upgrade to your driving experience. Made from 100 percent premium memory foam, the cushion provides all that extra padding and support needed for a blissful drive.

YI Mirror Dash Camera

dash cam

Whether you’re posting on social media from your car, or you are a single traveler concerned with safety on the road, a Dashcam is one of the most efficient and useful car gadgets money can buy.

Capture fun videos with friends, make editorials and records of your travel experiences, and be protected in the event of an accident or altercation with another driver. The YI Mirror Dash Camera gives you options for making memories and remaining safe while traveling.

The ODii: An All-Purpose Grabbing Tool


How much spare change, dry cereal, and other odds and ends are lying in the crevices of your car? This issue plagues neat freaks across the world as they struggle and strain to reach all that drops between the seats.

Klutzy car owners can now rejoice, as this grabbing tool by ODii makes it possible for you to retrieve the smallest items without injury to yourself or damage to your car’s interior. You may consider grabbing an extra one for your house as well.

Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker


Coffee lovers, rejoice. The answer to well-crafted coffee doesn’t only have to exist in your kitchen or with your local barista. Though an abundance of gadgets exist for coffee connoisseurs, this one is truly one of a kind.

Need a quick caffeine fix while on the run? The Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker plugs into your cigarette lighter, giving you a perfect cup of barista-style espresso in under 2 minutes. Compact enough to fit into your cup holder, you can have a perfect cuppa joe anytime, anywhere.

NOCO UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

jumper cables
Photo: Vasarhelyi

A battery is one of the most essential components of your car. As such, it needs to be maintained regularly to ensure that you have horsepower when you need it. Batteries do go bad, however, and you may find yourself needing a jump when you least expect it.

The NOCO UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter provides power for everything from a motorcycle battery to a powerful V8. Even when on your own, you have renewed power at your fingertips. Get ready to cover some more miles.

Wheel Desk


Today’s transient professionals find themselves often with extra time on their hands in between sales calls. Finding a place to stop for a Zoom meeting or a stable lunch spot can be challenging.

A wheel desk can provide that extra stability and comfort as you pass the time. While this ultra-comfortable element can greatly help free your hands, it is not advised to use this platform while driving. Keep it in the backseat for those times when you have a free hour and some work to do from your ride. 

Skycamp Rooftop Tent


Camping enthusiasts are always looking for the latest greatest tools to make their outdoor adventures easier and more enjoyable. The Skycamp Rooftop Tent is the latest in travel comfort, allowing a seamless blend of nature and innovation into one amazing product.

Taking less than a minute to set up on large vehicles and SUVs, it can sleep up to four people comfortably in all types of weather. Signature Skyview windows provide a breathtaking view of expansive sky and diamond-like stars.

StayHold Car Trunk Organizer

organizing trunk

Try as we might, we just can’t seem to get those grocery bags to stay upright when transporting from store to home. Large car trunks and storage areas in super-sized vehicles are getting bigger each year, making it difficult to keep our purchases from sliding around.

With the addition of a StayHold car trunk organizer, it’s easy to keep your valuable goods in place, no matter how long the car ride home is. Super strong Velcro tabs affix to your trunk’s carpet, allowing you to adjust storage space as needed.



Google Maps was the next best thing for smart phone navigation, until now. No longer will you need to fumble with your phone while listening for turn-by-turn directions, putting yourself and others at risk.

The VIZR is a hands-free mount for your phone. Add this to your older model without built-in navigation, and both long and short trips will be a breeze. Simply plug in your destination, place your device, and away you go.

NORSHIRE Mini Tire Inflator


The NORSHIRE Mini Tire Inflator is the smallest, most portable tire inflation system on the market. An easy-to-read LED display, built-in thermostat, and intuitive buttons allow you to check tire pressure and inflate on the go.

This smart pump inflates anything from inflatable toys and balls to bike and car tires, automatically stopping when desired pressure is reached. Recharge your unit with your car’s cigarette lighter, and you can go for miles.

Mini-Factory Sticky Car Dashboard Mat 


It’s quite challenging to find your phone, keys, or important papers as they slide off  the dashboard and out of sight. Even the most intentional turn can have your valuables sliding out of sight and causing you potential dangers in retrieving them.

The Mini-Factory Sticky Car Dashboard Mat effortlessly holds your keys, coins, glasses, phone, and all other tchotchkes, keeping them at your fingertips. Made of a thick, soft gel, you’ll easily secure objects you may need on your next trip.

 AAA 64-Piece Premium Traveler Road Kit

woman stranded

Whether you are a long-distance road traveler with miles ahead of you or someone that is just going to and from the store, you might benefit from the AAA 64-Piece Premium Traveler Road Kit.

This kit has got everything. With jumper cables, first aid supplies, flashlights, screwdrivers, duct tape, and emergency poncho, you’re prepared for just about every scenario the road can throw at you, except perhaps a zombie apocalypse.

Halmo’s CARhandGEL 


Driving in a car presents its own set of challenges when it comes to keeping clean. From state park exploration to eating sticky snacks with an absence of napkins, an easier to keep clean is in order.

Halmo’s CARhandGEL is an efficient way to keep hands clean and sanitized during your adventures. The unique dispenser design fits securely into the cup holder of most vehicles, and a simple pump cleans and sanitizes simultaneously.

MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger

charging car

Electric vehicles are soon taking over the road. Eco-conscious consumers and those who are militant about efficient gas mileage are opting to purchase electric vehicles for traveling to work and play destinations.

The MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger is a cool EV accessory that you can pack in your trunk and hit the road with confidence. Compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles, it can charge your car up to four times faster than standard chargers.

Alexa-Enabled Roav VIVA Car Charger

people looking at phone in car

Millions have embraced the technological advancements that Alexa has brought into our homes. We can now do everything from call up our favorite music to order pizza delivered on our doorstep with a simple command.

Bring Alexa on the go with the Anker Roav VIVA Car Charger. This Alexa-enabled USB device plugs into the cigarette lighter, offering access to almost 25,000 Alexa skills. Effortlessly activate voice-controlled navigation while streaming music and control smart devices in your home, all from the comfort of your car.

Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor


Your tires are an often-neglected part of a car, yet they are more important to a comfortable and safe ride than you might think. Keeping them properly aligned and well-inflated is possible with the use of the Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor.

The smart tire safety monitor is capable of detecting a slow leak before you find yourself with a flat, thanks to innovative AccuTemp Algorithms. An anti-theft lock system and built in USB port makes it a snap to charge other devices as well. 

BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer

women at bar
Photo: Novakovic

Having a few beers with colleagues after work is an enjoyable activity for many, yet some people are hesitant to partake in social hour without having a designated driver to get everyone home safely.

This little device is for those times when you need to ensure that you’re legally capable of driving home. The BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer is equipped with police-approved sensor technology, ready to supply you with that magic number that may or may not give you peace of mind about your ride.

The FixD App

fixd app

Technology enhances our lives in so many ways, and this app is no exception. For those of us who are stressed out by the check engine light, we now have a way to decipher the meaning of these dashboard lights without being taken to the cleaners by our mechanic.

The Fixd App is easily installed on your phone or smart device, and cutting edge technology allows you to diagnose potential engine issues. You can also make an appointment, clear non-essential reminders, and stay up to speed on all car maintenance and repairs.

Cooluli Cooler and Warmer


Stopping for snacks and drinks from time to time is part of life on the road, but when you need to make up some mileage, it’s nice to have the convenience of temperature-controlled food on the go.

The Cooluli Cooler and Warmer promises both warm and cool temperatures, depending on your setting. Powered by your cigarette lighter, it fits up to six cans and is powerful enough to keep both snacks and beverages at your desired temperature.

SUNSBELL Car Kettle Boiler


Coffee and tea enthusiasts are a loyal bunch. Regardless of which camp you subscribe to, no one can argue that it’s difficult to get a decent brew if you’ve got a long drive ahead.

The SUNSBELL Electric Car Kettle answers the problem of finding the perfect brew. Plug it into your lighter outlet and boil water right from your comfy driver’s seat. This travel boiler fits most cup holders and comes with a safety lid to prevent potentially painful spills.

Dualshine Car Visor Sunglasses Holder


There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as driving down the road on a bright, sunshiny day. Windows open, hair flying, we soak up those rays as long as we can, even when they pose a bit problematic at sundown.

It’s always a good idea to keep a pair of sunglasses handy for those too-bright occasions. The Dualshine Car Visor Sunglasses Holder keeps your favorite pair securely in place, allowing you to grab and go as you sail off into the sunset.

PALMOO Car Back Seat Organizer


Those who love neatness, rejoice! Whether you have kids, traveling guests, or backseat bandits, you’ll be able to keep all those extra travel toys organized and protected with the PALMOO Car Back Seat Organizer.

Boasting nine separate pockets, this over-the-seat leather organizer will accommodate everything from magazines and books to electronics, drinks and tissues. Buckle up and get ready for an entertaining ride.

Philips GoPure Car Air Purifier

go pure air purifier

Pets, snacks, suntan lotion, and sweaty gym clothes in suitcases can all contribute to a less-than-fresh environment that no one wants to sit through when traveling. Sure, cracking the windows is an option, but that doesn’t work when it’s too cold outside. 

The Philips GoPure Compact Air Purifier is sleek, easy to install, and uses a three-layered filtration system to eliminate over 95 percent of harmful gases, smoke, bacteria and other odors coming from your car. 

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover

Photo: E. Cook

Many of us give up keeping a car clean after the first coffee spill, and we accept the fact that we’ll have to look at unsightly stains, both sticky and ground in, as part of our car’s upholstery. Shampooing is an option, but that doesn’t work if you’re on the go when mishaps occur.

The Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover is a quick and easy way to remove spills and stains from your car’s upholstery, even those that have been baking in the hot sun for weeks. Simply spray, blot with a damp towel, and behold your car’s former beauty once more.

Hanging Car Diffuser

hanging car diffuser

Essential oils have risen in popularity in recent years, with many people looking to them for improved mental and physical health. As driving can be a stressful experience for some, the thought of bringing oils while traveling is intriguing.

A Hanging Car Diffuser allows you to bring your best kept wellness secret with you. A wide variety of signature and seasonal scents allow you to transform your car into a spa on wheels, impressing both you and your passengers.

Maxsa Innovations Escaper Buddy Traction Mats

traction mat
Photo: MAXSA Innovations

Traveling by vehicle in good weather conditions is ideal, but other road situations are not as desirable. Even the heaviest off-road vehicle can get stuck from time to time in mud and heavy snow, so it’s essential to be prepared for slick conditions.

The Maxsa Innovations Escaper Buddy Traction Mats are lightweight, portable, and fit easily into the trunk of any vehicle. If you find yourself in a slippery situation, simply place them beneath your car tires and work your way out, one notch at a time.

CHITRONIC Universal Car Seat Hanger Hooks

Photo: Ziehl-Nordhoff

Traveling with jackets and bags is essential for many, yet we don’t seem to have an ideal place to store such things in a vehicle. Items can get stepped on and damaged as they roll around, giving you an additional chore of recovering as you arrive at your destination.

Stay ultra-organized with the CHITRONIC Universal Car Seat Hanger Hook. It allows you to effortlessly and securely store bags, jackets, snacks, and purses, giving you access to all your belongings.

AISIBO Mini Auto Garbage Can

trash bin
Photo: Car Items

If you haven’t yet wised up and decided to pack an extra bag designated for trash on your next car trip, consider purchasing something a bit more sophisticated. This tiny trashcan will do the work without being unsightly or messy.

The AISIBO Mini Auto Garbage Can is made from premium quality waterproof plastic. An upgraded spring clasp ensures that your recreational refuse stays securely in place, keeping your car’s interior squeaky clean.