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Think Twice Before Adopting Any Of These Cute Dog Breeds


Dogs are by far the most popular household pet in America, with about 1.5 million dogs adopted every year. As cute as dogs can be, pet owners don’t always do enough research about the type of dog they plan to adopt which can lead to aggressive and destructive behavior down the line.

With sweet puppy dog eyes, it can be hard to say “no” when adopting a man’s best friend. However, some of the most common dog breeds we welcome into our homes including Dachsunds and Chihuahuas aren’t always the best or the smartest choices. Find out if your four-legged friend is unfit for your home…



“Affenpinscher” is German for “monkey-like terrier,” and this breed lives up to its name. These dogs love to monkey around and are as playful and mischievous as their appearance suggests. They are loyal family dogs but extremely bold and stubborn.

Affenpinschers are barkers and love to climb. They are not afraid of anything and are voracious rodent hunters. They will growl, snap, and bite to assert their dominance. They are also not good with children, becoming aggressive about toys and territory.



Dalmatians need a lot of room to roam because they were originally bred to run. They would run alongside horse-drawn carriages and were once known for running alongside fire brigades. So, if you go for a jog each morning, this dog may be a good fit for you.

However, without training, Dalmatians will become aggressive and destructive. They are high-maintenance pets who are capable of digging a hole the size of a crater in your backyard. They are also too excitable to be around small children.

Australian Shepherd


Australian Shepherds have started to gain a lot of popularity lately because of their beauty. This breed tends to be one of the most active dogs you can adopt. They like to run a lot, and they generally need to run for at least 30 to 60 minutes per day.

If these dogs are not given the time to exercise properly or they are left inside for too long, they tend to destroy whatever they find in their paths, be it your favorite dress or your tv remote. This is one dog breed that is going to require you to be very active to keep them happy.

 Skye Terrier

Photo: Instagram/ourfosterhaven

Skye Terriers come from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. They were bred to hunt foxes, badgers, and otters. They are extremely loyal to their owners, but they love to bark and are also avid diggers. They are a tough and tenacious breed that needs a lot of attention.


These dogs are stubborn, difficult to train, and do not get along with other dogs. They are also relentless cat chasers so would not do well in a home with other pets. In addition, these dogs have long flowing hair that needs to be groomed regularly or it becomes matted in tangles.

 Alaskan Malamute


Alaskan Malamutes may seem like the perfect dogs, as they are very lovely and obedient for the most part. While this dog breed can be well trained and have good behavior, it may not be the best dog choice for everyone.

These dogs are very adorable but also tend to want to be the leaders and not the followers. They require a lot of attention and exercise. While that is not always a bad thing, it does make this dog breed hard for you to train and often requires you to correct the dog’s behavior continuously.



Dachshunds are short-legged long-bodied dogs that were originally bred to hunt badgers. These dogs are inveterate diggers thanks to their breeding. Dachsunds can also be aggressive, making them unfit for families with other pets or children.

In a 2008 study in an academic animal science journal, Dachsunds were found to be the most aggressive of all dog breeds. Luckily they only stand a few inches off the ground, but that’s a better reason to keep these dogs away from your small children.

  Shih Tzu

Photo: twenty20

Shih Tzus have become very popular. These dogs are small and very adorable. Because of their compact size, they are very easy to move around with and keep indoors as they do not require you to take them outside all of the time. So why should you reconsider this dog?

It is mainly because these dogs are prone to biting when they get scared or excited and they may not be the best fit for a home with children. These dogs are also challenging to potty train, and if you do not give them enough attention they tend to have anxiety issues.




These dogs will probably remind you of a lot of the plush toys that you may have bought your children when they were younger. However, these dogs are a little bit aloof and do not like being viewed as stuffed animals.

Pekingese do not like to be cuddled or hugged, and that should keep some parents wary. When younger kids do cuddle with these dogs, they tend to growl and get upset. These dogs are a better fit for families with older kids.

 Siberian Husky


The Siberian Husky has been used for years to pull dog sleds in racing, but what is shocking is how many people are unaware of how much energy these dogs store up. Getting a Husky means that you’ll often have to keep up with the dog’s energy to keep them happy.

This is also a dog that likes to play rough at times and tends to play for a more extended period than most other dog breeds. Since you are playing with your dog so much, you may find that over time they develop separation anxiety.



Chihuahuas are very small and cute, but also tend to shake a lot. Thanks to commercials, they are a very famous breed. Most people think of Chihuahuas as a breed that is very complacent. That is not the truth by any means.

These dogs tend to be one of the most stubborn dogs that you can find. Owning a Chihuahua is going to take quite a bit of time and effort on your part. You also need to be mindful that this dog has a lot of issues when children are involved.

Jack Russell Terrier


This is a dog that tends to have quite a bit of energy stored up. They make the Energizer bunny look like he was running on low after playing. While these dogs are adorable, it could also be a reason why people would need to stay clear of this dog, and that is because of the amount of energy the dog tends to bring to the table.

The Jack Russell is also a dog breed that needs to have a lot of play outside as the indoor playing tends to get rough for the house. So make sure you have plenty of time to spend outside and a beautiful enough yard for your dog to run off some of their energy.


French Bulldog


This is one dog that people have trouble saying no to because of the lovely face the French Bulldog has. If you are looking at adopting this dog, though, you may need to keep some factors in mind. They are not going to be the type of dog that wants to go outside but would make a great companion for football games.

The downside is this couch-loving attitude does not make them any easier to train. They are going to want to get the owner’s attention and often can be a dog breed that gets jealous quickly. If you are a globe trotter, you could find the French Bulldog is not the best for the jets to travel in either as they do not do well on the planes. Those problems are nothing compared to what is coming up, though.

Doberman Pinscher


This is a dog breed that has had a bad reputation for several years. These dogs can be very aggressive and can sometimes turn against their owners. This doesn’t always happen but should make you have some second thoughts before you bring one home.

The Doberman was initially trained to be a guard dog. Although they can be aggressive, Dobermans are also very loyal to their owners. When you do own a Doberman, though, you need to make sure you have plenty of time set aside to play with your pet, or they could have some pent-up anger.



Greyhounds are typically bred to race and have often been used as hunting dogs as well. Before adopting a greyhound, you’ll need to make sure your home is ready for the demands of this dog.

You will need to have a tall fence of at least 4-6 feet so your dog doesn’t escape. Greyhounds will need plenty of time to play outside. This breed tends to not do well with younger children either.

 Great Dane


This is a big dog that requires a lot of responsibility. The Great Dane has often been seen as a lanky dog, like Scooby-Doo, and it is one of the largest breeds you can find. Oftentimes, Great Danes tend to forget just how large they are.


These dogs need to have a lot of space to stretch out but also have a tendency to knock items off of tables, even the kitchen table. This dog is going to get larger as they get older, so you will need to stay on top of them when it comes to training.

Saint Bernard


Saint Bernards are very friendly and some of the kindest dog breeds that you can find. They’ve managed to get into their owner’s heart for several years. What could be the issue with a dog that is so popular then?

Saint Bernards are massive dogs, and while they don’t mean to hurt anything, they have been known to knock down valuables or even children when they move their big bodies. Definitely pass on a Saint Bernard if you’re in an apartment.

Afghan Hound

Flickr/Elena Dianova

The Afghan Hound is one dog that is very easy to recognize from almost anywhere in the world. These dogs have longer noses, but also flowing hair that can make some women think of Fabio. The downside is the Afghan Hound is also a dog that has a lot of emotions.

The dog was initially bred to be a hunting dog in the Afghan mountains. That often means this is a dog that likes to have a lot of activity and has the energy to go with it. They are also a dog that has a very strong will, and that needs to be contained with the proper training at an early age.

  Pit Bull


The Pit Bull is a breed that has gained a bad reputation for being a dangerous dog. The reason being is they are often trained for dog fighting. These dogs love their owners so much that they want to make them happy all the time, making them easy to train.

This is a breed that does suffer from separation anxiety over time, and when they are separated from their owner for an extended period, they can get anxious. No matter what, if you do get this breed, you need to make sure you have plenty of time to spend with your dog.




The Shar-Pei is one breed of dog that people recognize all the time. This is a dog that people tend to pet a lot because they have silk-like fur, but also a squishy adorable face that people like. What you need to realize is you have several factors that you need to consider before you go out and adopt a Shar-Pei.

This is a breed of dog that has been bred to be a guard dog. This means that they tend to have problems letting new people into the pack of the dogs or family. That often means that this is one of the breeds that you will have to get when they are younger, and you or a puppy could have problems getting them adapted to their settings.

Chow Chow


While the Chow Chow is a popular breed as a family pet, it may not be the best fit for your home. The Chow’s fluffy fur is a big hit and is hard for some to pass up. However, when looking at the dog, you may not realize that the fluffy pillow is not always the best for your home.

The main issue isn’t stemming from behavior problems, but instead, it comes from the fact that the dog can get larger after being a puppy, and that often means they can accidentally run over smaller children. The Chow Chow also tends to be overly protective of its owner as they do get attached, and that usually means the dog does not get along with strangers or other dogs.



A Rottweiler is often seen as a very loyal dog and one that is going to have the strength that makes it difficult for smaller people to control. Both of those factors are the ones that have led to a lot of people falling in love with the big Rottweiler. However, there are some things that you need to know about this dog breed.

This is a breed that is going to grow up to be very large and often is not aware of the strength that they have. This usually means they are going to knock things down or have an accident quite a bit as they start to learn about their strength. Not only that, the amount of loyalty the dog has tends to make it hard to get the dog around your friends as they may not trust them right away.




If you have heard that you are unable to teach an old dog new tricks, then you need to know that a bullmastiff may break this proverb at times. Overall, though, the phrase is going to hold in most cases as the Bullmastiff can be stubborn. This is why so many people want to get a puppy Bullmastiff instead of an adult.

What else can be a concern for some people is the potential accidents that come from a Bullmastiff with kids. These are a dog that tends to be jumping and like to jump on their owners when they see them as they were bred to be the gamekeeper’s help at protecting estates and that may not work for kids. This doe makes this an excellent guard dog as they do not announce their presence until they need to.



This is a dog that is a hybrid that is half wolf and half dog, but it is a dog that is illegal to own in some states. Almost 40 states have laws that are going to prevent people from owning this breed of dog. In the other states, is this going to be a major issue for them or not?

Here are some of the factors to consider if you are looking at a Wolfdog. These are dogs that are very difficult to train and are going to be one that wants to be a leader at all times but has the energy to go along with it because of the wolf DNA. They are a dog breed, though, that is known to be very healthy at the same time.



In some cases, the dogs are going to have an attention span that does not exist. The Weimaraner is one that is going to have the attention span, but also has the size and goofiness. While humans may think that it is fun and something to make fun of, it is part of the dog’s breeding.

These are dogs that have been know to get distracted by anything from small animals to even blowing leaves until they identify what it is. They also are a  dog that is going to have a lot of energy that needs to be burned off, and that means the owner needs to have the same energy. If the dogs are not properly exercised, they tend to have a lot of energy that turns into a destructive pattern.


 Japanese Tosa

Flickr/Paivi Reijonen

The Japanese Tosa is a rare breed of dog. These are a dog that has been bred for fighting. It’s actually the only breed still used in  Japan for legal dog fighting.

With that being the case, this is a dog that tends to be very wary of most people, and that includes the owners as they are a breed that is aggressive and often cannot be trusted. In some countries, owning this kind of dog is restricted, as it has been considered a dangerous breed.