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6 Passé Things Baby Boomers Still Hang Onto

Time seems to have stopped for some baby boomers. There are those who still cling to the “old way” of doing things, refusing to leave behind that which feels familiar, easy, and downright simple. Here are some tried and true items that baby boomers seem to feel are still superior to newfangled contraptions and foolish fads…

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Who needs a cellphone? The U.S. Center for Disease Control National Health Information Survey reported that 42% of Americans were still using landlines as of December 2017. It’s a good bet that a significant portion of the 42% are baby boomers.

Mrs. Dash

Mrs. Dash, a spice blend consisting of onion, pepper, thyme, parsley, and a blend of other spices, is a boomer favorite. In fact, baby boomers use Mrs. Dash in everything — day after day after day…


Fuzzy Toilet Seat Covers

Sure, they’re machine washable, but why do you need a toilet seat to be covered in anything fuzzy, furry, or shaggy? It’s not pretty, and it doesn’t need to be comfy because you’re not sitting on the seat cover (or are you?)

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Avon Makeup

Avon was all the rage back in the day. It was cool to have someone show up at your house with a bag full of makeup and try to sell you a tangerine-color, wax-thick, cake-y lipstick. But now that you can easily drive to a Sephora, Mac, or Ulta Beauty store, Avon has faded just like foundation on a humid summer day.

Storing Paperwork

Who needs cloud-based software when you can stash all your paperwork in a big cardboard box that you can stuff into a closet? Why consolidate information and easily access that information on a computer when you can rifle through stacks of paper (often mislabeled or not labeled at all) that are efficiently bundled together with those sturdy paper clips you bought in a box of 1,000?

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Treasure Hunting With Metal Detectors

Millennials can’t seem to detect the fun in this pastime. You wave a metal pole around, wait for a beep, and discover a treasure trove of bottle caps or some seriously eroded scraps of metal. But when it comes to this leisure activity, boomers still dig it (literally and figuratively).

There are many other things from yesteryear that baby boomers seem to want to hang onto, and it’d be easy to give them a hard time about all of them. But truth be told, every generation is going to experience this at some point or another. So if you’re one of those people chuckling at the aforementioned items, the last laugh might eventually be on you, in a decade or three.