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Genius Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Where did the term “life hack” come from, anyway? From the minute this concept appeared on the scene, we have been obsessed with ways to simplify life while making social media crowds jealous of our creativity and ingenuity.

Let’s be honest. Most of your hacks are borrowed from other posts, but does that really matter? What truly matters is how these clever life tips can transform your life and save you time, money, and sanity. Check out these game-changers.

Rubber Band Magic


Painting with a traditional paint can and brush is time-consuming, but the satisfaction of a job well done far outweighs the time spent taping and making sure each corner is meticulously covered.

Those problematic drips coming from your brush are now a thing of the past. Simply affix a rubber band over the top of your mixed paint, and use it to sweep away some of the excess, leaving you with a cleaner workspace.

Shower Hooks For Your Closet


No one has enough closet space, period. Try as we might to pare down garments that don’t fit and have worn out, we always seem to find ourselves with cramped corners and wrinkled pants that won’t wear well.

With the addition of some simple shower hooks on an ordinary closet hanger, you’ve just expanded your hanging space significantly while allowing each hanger to store two to three times more clothing. Genius.

Dryer Sheet Dusters


Dryer sheets smell pleasant, they soften our clothing, and condition fabric so it stays stronger through several washes. Did you know, however, that they have so many more uses that extend beyond the laundry room?

Next time you find yourself with little time to clean up and prepare for a dinner party, grab a dryer sheet to freshen up your entertaining space. Effortlessly sweep away dirt, dust, and debris from tables, lamps, and bookshelves, giving it that “just cleaned” feeling.

No More Tangles


Bracelets and necklaces are notorious for getting tangled up in mangled knots, no matter how carefully we might try to store them. Even those fancy jewelry boxes with separate compartments for each type of bling aren’t a surefire way to keep everything from mingling.

Next time you’re at the local malt or smoothie shop, grab a few extra straws to help you detangle your necklaces. As you funnel them through the straw and clasp them together on each side, you’ll keep everything knot-free and ready to wear.

Staple Remover For Key Rings


Adding extra keys or rings to your existing set can be a hassle, particularly for those of us who want to keep our nails strong and free from breakage. Finding that magic space for extra hardware to slide on effortlessly is a must to keep everything organized.

A simple staple remover is the perfect small, handy device for expanding your key ring and saving your nails simultaneously. Grip the gap, slide it up the jaws of the staple remover, and watch the magic begin.

Bread Clip Organizer


Most home entertainment centers are literally bursting with not only devices but plugs and cords needed to provide them with power. Once we set and forget these plug-ins at the back of our consoles, few of us relish the thought of going back there once again to manage the mess.

Keeping the extra plastic clips off packages of bread can turn entertainment organization into a snap. Simply label each cord on the clip, then slide it up and over to keep track of where each device is plugged in.

Gardening Shaker


Even the most talented “green thumb” needs a leg up from time to time. Adding fertilizer or growth enhancer to plants will ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to growing lush greenery, flowers, and produce.

An unused parmesan cheese shaker will do quite nicely for this type of job. Keep it in your gardening tools for easy grab-and-go attention to those beautiful plants, and make sure it gets washed before it makes its way back into your kitchen once more.

Pam For Squeaky Doors


It’s kind of hard to sneak out any door or window when your rusted hinges give you away. As loud squeaks pierce the silence, we wonder what can be done to bring peace back to our homes and hinges.

A few sprays of Pam Cooking Spray on those troublesome hinges will be just what you need for peaceful door swings once more. Careful where you target that spray, as the oily residue can stain walls and carpet.

Shower Caps For Clean Sneakers


Traveling and experiencing life can get messy, particularly if you are the outdoorsy type who loves hiking and exploring muddy trails. As you contemplate packing back that suitcase, what will you do with caked, muddy shoes and sneakers?

Call the front desk of the hotel and ask for a few shower caps. They’ll become shoe caps as you carefully tuck the soiled side inside, then place them at the bottom of your suitcase for clean, dry clothes when you arrive at your next destination.

Tissue Boxes To Store Plastic Bags


The sheer volume of plastic bags that are still flying around this country should make us think about our retail habits and what we are doing to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Those bags can be used more than once, you know.

Do your part to achieve the three Rs by grabbing an empty tissue box and filling it to the brim with plastic bags from your favorite retail stores. Not only is it space-saving, but you’ll feel good every time you pull one out and use it.

OCD Gardening At Its Best


Perhaps the reason more OCD-ers don’t enjoy gardening is the additional mess it makes. Dirt, water, crusty tools, and bugs all threaten our otherwise perfect environments and raise anxiety levels through the roof.

With the addition of a simple coffee filter at the bottom of your draining flowerpots, you can keep excess soil and plant debris inside and away from surfaces in and around your home. Now if you could just manage watering more effectively.

Toothbrush Makeup Brush Holder


Makeup enthusiasts enjoy collecting not only color but tools with to create their beautiful presentations. With so much to organize, it can be overwhelming to keep everything neat and tidy while still being within reach.

Looking for organizational answers is as easy as a glance at your bathroom counter. An empty toothbrush holder can effectively house any type of brush from eyeshadow to Kabuki, and you’ll have everything within arm’s reach when crafting your perfect look.

Soda Space


Here we go with the closet space again. If shower hooks aren’t doing enough for you, expand your closet even further with this little trick that will literally add twice the square footage without a hefty contractor bill.

Save up those extra soft drink and bubble water tabs on the tops of cans. When it comes time to expand your fashion territory, simply slip one hole over the top of one hanger, then slip another hanger in the second hole sitting below it. You’ve doubled your storage space.

Theft Deterrent


Pickpocketing is a fine art, though not one that should be celebrated. Many an unsuspecting traveler or New York City businessman has been the victim of a savvy shopper who thrives on taking other possessions for their gain.

If you were to keep a small pencil or crayon in the middle of that wallet, it serves as an effective “catch,” preventing someone from silently lifting your wallet and leaving with the goods. Just make sure you remember to remove your wallet before sitting for an extended period of time.

Tangle-Free Chargers


Searching for the right charger for your electronic devices can be frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of a day’s work and need to maximize time and minimize delay. This savvy addition to your office space will get the job done.

Those “annoying” binder clips that no one has a use for can easily be affixed to the side of your desk, and the wire hoop is ready to receive charger heads for all your favorite devices. Label the binder clips for extra efficiency if charging cords look similar.

Wineglass Candle Holders


Commercial candle holders come in virtually every shape and size, not to mention every price tag. If you fancy yourself a closet interior decorator, it may be time to flex those creative muscles and put together a few of your own.

Grab a couple of your favorite wine glasses of different shapes and sizes, using the glass portion for a decorative bottom scene while the candle sits atop the base. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and see how many innovative presentations you can craft.

Toothbrush Organizer


Now that your toothbrush organizer is busy housing your plethora of makeup brushes, it may be time to think outside the box to organize the family tooth care essentials. Where can all these products go for easy access and efficient organization?

An unused or repurposed silverware organizer is more than enough space to house toothpaste, dental floss, and brushes for at least four, perhaps more if you have some toddler brushes. Now if you can just find enough drawer space for this organizational wonder.

On-The-Go Manicure Kit


While most of us would like to have well-manicured, beautiful nails that we can proudly show about town, we don’t all have the time or the extra cash to invest in professional nail care. What if you could take an on-the-go kit with you to do the dirty work?

If prioritizing those hands and nails is a thing for you, consider finding an empty glass or sunglass case to create your own manicure kit. Clippers, a file, emergency polish, and even spot remover can easily fit inside.

Lollipop Loveliness


Spice up your next color-coordinated summer gathering with drinks to match. Even if your guests don’t imbibe, you can still flavor and jazz up simple refreshments like sparkling water, lemonade, and even ice water.

A few well-chosen lollipops placed upside down in your beautiful glassware not only look stunning, but it is a refreshing twist on the old beverage stand. The candy will color the liquid, and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Frozen Dish Soap


Social media, Instagram, and Tik Tok have either made us feel bad about our housekeeping skills or inspired us to up the game when it comes to cleanliness and efficiency. One Tik Tok user went viral after a simple application of frozen dish soap.

The tip, used to clean oven racks with the frozen concoction, has now reached millions of users who are anxious to try it themselves. This method actually works, allowing caked-on goo to effortlessly slide off baking racks.

Post-It Note Cleaners


Few things bother this writer more than a dirty keyboard. Rather than find another grimy toothbrush around the house as we search for the surface beneath the filth, consider turning to the simple Post-It Note.

No air duster is needed, nor a toddler toothbrush. Grab a Post-It and use the sticky end to grab dust, dirt, and debris from in between your favorite keystrokes. Next, make sure those hands are clean before reaching for the keyboard again.

Cork Pincushion


Most of us have a few (?) wine corks floating around our home somewhere. Instead of putting them aside with grand aspirations of creating art that may or may not materialize, why not use them for some more realistic sewing and mending projects?

Give your corks a second and equally purposeful existence as a pincushion. Exercise caution when handling pins, especially if it hasn’t been too long since you and your friends emptied those bottles.

Hydrogen Peroxide Miracles


Hydrogen Peroxide has thousands of potential uses that impact our health and the way we efficiently clean and maintain our homes. Not only is it an effective cleanser, but it can also be used for much dirtier work.

Pour some hydrogen peroxide into a small container and let your rusted tools soak in it for up to thirty minutes, according to Remove from the mixture and take some steel wool or a brush to the stainless steel surface. Rust and other impenetrable stains will slide off easily.

Boot Storage


Those knee and thigh-high boots sure are attractive when on, but keeping them neat and tidy when you are storing them is a headache. If you are tired of the flopped-over look that takes up too much space, we have a solution for you.

A cut-off pool noodle can be used inside each boot to keep the legs standing upright and in great shape. Simply zip the boot up around the noodle, and it will be standing at attention the next time you reach for it.

Carpet Cleaner Ease


If you’ve ever stopped to consider what the ingredient list looks like on a conventional, chemical-based carpet cleaner, you might think twice about putting your toes on a freshly cleaned room.

If you are desiring a more natural way to tackle stains, use some essentials that you have around the house. Mix two parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide and five drops of your favorite essential oil. Use a dark bottle to mix, shake it up and it’s ready to go.

Coca Cola Clean


This next little bit of information might make you think twice about that refreshing Coke you’ve been eyeing as an accompaniment to your favorite burger and fries. Nothing that strong is meant to go down your gullet.

Toilet bowl stains can easily be bubbled right off with the addition of a can of Coke in your toilet bowl. Pour the soda into the bowl and let it stand for an hour. The strong carbonation will lift stains, and a simple scrub brush should finish the job, spit spot.

Natural” Roach And Ant Killer


You wouldn’t think that Coke is making this list for a second unsavory hack, would you? Farmers in India stumbled upon a cheap and easy pesticide use for the popular beverage that has soda executives squirming in their seats.

Their use of the soda as a pesticide has now gained worldwide attention, with the sugar in the beverage attracting ants that would eat pest larvae present on crops. Regardless of your views on soda, you can’t argue that this product is multipurpose.

Soft Door Stopper


If you’ve ever had a toddler or young child slam their fingers in a door, you’re not likely to let it happen again. While devices have emerged on the market that promise soft landings for chubby fingers there is a much cheaper way to ensure safety.

Door stopper products are efficient, but they can also be quite costly. One product sold on Amazon in particular weighed in at almost 40 dollars. Save the time and the money, cutting open a pool noodle to do your due diligence when keeping things safe around your home.

Hanger Chip Clip


Snack foods are a lovely addition to any day. Whether your vice is chips, popcorn, or crackers, one can’t deny that there is a certain deep disappointment that we feel when reaching for favorites that are soggy and stale.

If you need to keep your favorite staples fresh but are lacking in the chip clip department, just snap off the clip from a repurposed plastic pants hanger. You’ll be munching and crunching again in no time.

Cold On Steroids


Room temperature beverages are a downer, especially when company’s coming over. If you find yourself with cases of soda and sparkly that need a little chilling, you can do it much quicker with this simple trick.

No need to fill glasses up with ice and water down drinks to be the hostess with the mostest. Wrap your bottles in wet paper towels and put them in the freezer. Beverages will get cold much quicker, and everything will taste amazing.

Picture Perfect Watermelon


We’d like to tell you that it’s possible to effortlessly skin a watermelon like this, but this is actually an optical illusion designed to wow guests at your next gathering. Grab two similarly sized watermelons, some cutting tools, and follow these directions.

Start by cutting one watermelon in half, scooping out the flesh into a bowl that you’ll want to keep hidden away. Carefully trim the other one of all its rinds while maintaining its whole shape. Present the two together and prepare for exclamations of delight.

Delicate China Solution


Storing Grandma’s china can be a nerve-wracking experience, particularly if you don’t have a safe and secure location with substantial storage containers. Reduce the possibility of chipping and scratching with the addition of a simple household item.

Place a few paper plates in between each china plate for a bit of cheap, effective padding. While it won’t look as nice in a china hutch, your valuables will be scratch free and ready to pull out when your company comes.

Socks For Moving


Moving is a stressful time fraught with the potential for breakage, breakdowns, and plenty of unexpected events. Whether your move is across the street or across the country, follow this simple tip to minimize loss.

If you’re running low on bubble wrap and newspaper, look for some soft clothing such as t-shirts and socks, using them to wrap up fragile items and valuables that you wish to protect during your travels.

Wrinkle Free Linens


Large linens are a pain to deal with if you don’t know how to store them properly. Cleaning them is one thing, and folding and putting them away so you can access them wrinkle-free is as easy as adding some gift wrap tubes.

Take those empty gift wrap cardboard tubes and simply wrap folded linens around them, rolling up for easy, secure storage. You’ll no longer be judged for the appearance of your linens, but the quality of food and drink at your next party.

Perfect Pairings


Looking for earrings when you are pressed for time is a hassle, and few of us have the level of organization we’d like going on in our jewelry collections. Save time and keep things together as needed with this simple and effective hack.

There’s no need for those fancy earring holders if you have a few extra buttons lying around. Place each pair of earrings through the button holes, affixing the back on the other side. Place buttons neatly in your jewelry box for easy access to your favorite looks.

Easy Egg Yolk Transfer


Separating eggs is not for the faint of heart. Many an experienced baker has foiled plans for a cake or confection when their attempt to separate egg yolks from egg whites goes horribly awry. Follow this tip for separation success.

Use an empty plastic water bottle and squeeze it gently over the top of the yolk, then slowly release the pressure while keeping contact with the egg. The water bottle creates gentle suction around the yolk, making the transfer to an individual bowl virtually mess-free.

No More Slippery Garments


How frustrating is it to go into your closet and find a bunch of your favorite pieces of clothing lying on the floor? Preventing this is simple without having to purchase high-priced hangers with all the bells and whistles.

Grab a few rubber bands or some velcro strips and affix to the hanger to prevent garments from slipping. No longer will you spend your time running from closet to laundry room, wondering where your favorite dress has gone.

Stain Remover For Stickers


Can I get an “amen,” parents? Anyone with small children will now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you have a solution for those troublesome sticker gardens your three-year-old has been creating.

A few spritzes of laundry stain remover will magically dissolve the adhesive on the back of most stickers, allowing you to peel them off effortlessly. You can also use this product to remove stickers from bottles and packaging too.

Plunger Pot


The thought of putting a germ-infested toilet bowl plunger on a clean bathroom floor strikes fear in the hearts of millions of clean freaks. Not only are they unsightly, but the possibility of germ transfer to bare feet can impact your health.

If you have an extra medium-sized flower pot sitting around, consider brightening it up with a bit of paint that matches your bathroom decor and using it for “classier” plunger storage. Add a decorative landing plate for a nice touch to an otherwise unsightly corner.