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Totally Wild Photos That Could Only Be Taken in Vegas


Las Vegas may be the most unique and outrageous city in the world. Where else can you drop thousands on a luxury shopping spree at 11 pm on a Sunday night, and then stumble into a diner for a $4 steak at five in the morning?

Sin City has definitely earned its reputation for legendary stories. There’s a reason why people say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. From endless late-night shenanigans to absurd wedding ceremonies, Vegas is certainly far from boring and these photos prove just how interesting things can get…

Sleepy Slots


If you frequent casinos, you’ll notice that people of a certain age love to play their slots. It’s probably due to the fact that it’s easy and relatively stress-free. It also usually costs less than some of the other more high-stakes games like poker and blackjack. 

Because slots can be so inexpensive, it’s easy to lose track of time and end up playing all day. After playing for eight straight hours, this poor guy needed a break so he napped right at the machine. These young ladies couldn’t help but pose for a photo with him.

Fake Alan


Since the release of The Hangover, any discussion of bachelor parties in Sin City generally leads to references to the film. Audiences laughed out loud at the movie’s surprising, filthy, and humorous moments but could also relate to the lovable characters as well. 

Alan, one of the four main characters, and arguably the most beloved is played by the hilarious actor Zach Galifianakis. The guy in this photo just so happens to look like him so he gets bombarded with requests for photos, especially in Vegas where the movie takes place.

Home Is Where The Slot Is


It’s one thing to love Las Vegas, but this is extreme. This guy was a huge fan of Sin City. All of his friends knew that if they were planning a trip to Vegas, he was the one to call to plan things. He didn’t need a reason to go and it didn’t matter when. He was there.

On this night, he didn’t want to miss out on any of the action so he went up to his hotel room, got his mattress, and hauled it to the casino floor. Then, without hesitation, he stripped off his clothes and fell asleep right in the middle of everyone.

Judgmental Urinal


What can we say about effective marketing? Even though we don’t understand the reasoning behind putting the girls up, there is a good chance that this will encourage a lot of men to use the restroom. If not to relieve themselves, then at least to take a funny photo. 


Since their installation, the toilets in this Vegas hotel have been featured in numerous online images. However, we aren’t sure which men would be interested in using the urinals with the images making fun of them.

Touchy Monkey


Las Vegas is home to a large number of street performers. Walking the strip, you’re bound to come across jugglers, dancers, and a host of other wild characters. When it comes to cute and fuzzy animals, women are typically the first ones in line for the performance. 

This monkey is used to performing for thousands of people all day, but the little guy may have gotten a tad too excited this time. He interrupted his act to get physical with this lovely lady, surely making her feel a bit uncomfortable with his hands all over her.

Almost There


There’s nothing worse than needing a bathroom but finding them all occupied. This girl found herself in that predicament and decided to wait. Unfortunately, her need to urinate was immediately overtaken by exhaustion, and as a result, she fell asleep in the middle of the floor. 

Thankfully, her friends came right away to help her. They woke her up from her slumber to get her to her room, but not before capturing a picture of the hilarious scene to serve as a gentle reminder not to visit the restroom when sleep-deprived again.

Drinking Buddies


It would appear that Luigi was not successful in his duties as Mario’s sidekick, as the brothers both appear down and out here. Perhaps Mario was fed up with feeling as though he was just a short, pudgy man who was recognized for being an Italian plumber.

Or maybe the stresses of fighting Bowser constantly caused Mario to drink away his sorrows in order to feel better about himself. We can only keep our fingers crossed that Princess Peach was saved before the situation became too dire or Mario would never forgive himself.


Special Offer

Source: Twitter / @ninabanx

There are tons of options to spend your money in Vegas, and with this marketing tactic, Sin City has decided to stroke the ego of many men. It is, of course, a risk to take in order to pull off this kind of marketing. But, as the line keeps getting longer by minutes outside the venue, who would not stop and wonder what is happening inside? One could only try—especially when you’re wondering why all the other casinos are empty.

For One Night

Source: Reddit / xxbearxx

If you’re new to Vegas, the first rule is to never assume something is what you think it is. This motel sign is a very good example. But hey, it is still very unclear whether they were talking about golf or something else. It’s a motel after all… in The Sin City.

A Drinking Problem


This billboard for Lee’s Discount Liquor encourages patrons to use liquor over therapy to solve their problems. Drinking alcohol is generally not a good substitute for therapy from a professional.

Drinking is just a temporary solution that will most likely result in a lot of remorse as well, not to mention a severe hangover, the following day. But, this billboard is another one of those things that you will only see in Vegas, a city that lives by its own rules.

A Night To Remember

Source: Reddit / MattPA4700

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. But this little tantrum definitely cannot be kept in the weird trenches of The Sin City. All that nine months in the womb probably cooked something up with him. Look at him still reeling from that vacation!

Now Hiring

Source: Twitter / @LasVegasSun

Out of all the opportunities one could get, to be a Little Darling is definitely so out of the picture. But what can one do when Vegas is full of many possibilities? As the saying goes, “Everything and anything you wanna do, you can do in Vegas.”

Permanent Reminder


After having one too many drinks at her friend’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas, this girl wanted to let everyone know just how much she was enjoying her trip. Her friends dared her to get a tattoo that would last a lifetime, but she was hesitant about the pain it would cause her. 


Instead of getting a real tattoo, she went with the next best thing and had one of the girls write “I love Vegas” with a permanent marker on her bare back. Her friends laughed when they saw it and I’m sure a lot of onlookers did as well.

It’s A Sign


If you are having trouble reading the sign, it says “Attention: smoking and drinking, along with laughing, yelling, singing, screaming, running, jumping,” are permitted while riding in this taxi. Additionally, the sign allows passengers to participate in “lewd sexual acts” while riding.

The sign ended its message with a warm welcome to Las Vegas. This made it crystal clear to those passengers in the back seat that the rumors were true – there really is no other place like Vegas.

Trash The Dress


During her Las Vegas bachelorette party, this bride-to-be was so excited about her upcoming wedding that she decided she simply could not wait another day to wear her wedding gown. So, she returned to her suite and put on the dress for a night of fun.

This definitely was a dangerous move. There was a high likelihood that she would accidentally spill something all over the dress, rendering it absolutely unwearable. Her bridesmaids probably should have warned her against doing this, but apparently, they didn’t.

Jet Lag Takes The Win


Vegas must be an exhausting city because here is another sleeping tourist. This girl was jet lagged after a long and tiring trip, but she wanted to sneak in a few games before her family got there as they weren’t big fans of gambling.

She was very interested in playing poker before her family’s flight arrived, so she settled in and was so excited to play. However, a day of traveling got the best of her and after the second round, she fell asleep right at the table surrounded by fellow gamblers.

She Hearts Vegas


This girl took her love of casinos to the next level for her intricate first Halloween costume as a Las Vegas resident. It was her interest in gaming that attracted her to the city in the first place, so what a perfect way to pay homage to her favorite hobby.


Though others weren’t quite as dedicated to their costumes as she was, she maintained her cheerful demeanor throughout the night and proudly strutted around in her elaborate look. She loved her new city and felt this was a great way to put that love on display.

Food Coma


This poor girl just wanted a quiet night in, but her buddies talked her into going out instead to get her mind off of a recent breakup. She was not interested in the Vegas party scene in general, but she was desperately seeking a distraction and thought a night with the girls might do the trick. 

Well, things didn’t go as planned. After a long night of drinking, she decided that the best way to recover was to stuff her face with greasy food. As soon as she arrived home, she ordered pizza but unfortunately fell asleep before she could enjoy it.

Opposites Attract


If you couldn’t tell from the photo, this guy’s first trip to Vegas was shocking. The modest man wasn’t sure how to react, which you can guess from the slightly astonished expression on his face.  He could not feel more out of place at this particular time. 

Although he had been warned in advance that he might come across peculiar characters, there was no way for him to be prepared for the moment when he would meet this fully grown, muscular man rocking a fuchsia feather boa, heavily padded bra, and tiny disco ball necklace.

Get Your Kicks

Source: Reddit / deejaydubs

The human brain works in crazy ways. For most men, getting kicked in the testicles is one of the worst things that could happen. But for some, it seems that when falling in love or partying isn’t enough, they had to invent ways to make it more interesting.

Can’t Waste A Drop


If you don’t want to spend the remainder of your Vegas vacation locked up in a cell, you should probably comply with anything a law enforcement officer commands you to do. However, when you’re three sheets to the wind, common sense goes out the window. 


This guy had waited so long for a trip away from his wife and kids that he couldn’t wait to grab a cold beer and drink it right in the middle of the street. Unfortunately, there was an officer nearby who yelled at him to put down the drink. Well, instead of putting it down, he chugged it.

Tired Minnie


Disney celebrities and major characters are common sights on the Las Vegas strip, but it’s unusual to see them in such a sorry condition as Minnie Mouse. Looking as if she just lost her last $20, this Minnie appears to have had quite the tough night.

Let’s just hope no kids were around to see this tragic scene, as it would surely burst their innocent bubbles and possibly damage their childhood. What would you say to a child if you saw Minnie Mouse holding a beer bottle and sitting on the street?

So Close Yet So Far

Source: Reddit / gooddaysuckaaa

Have you ever been so drunk that you couldn’t even get one leg straight while walking? Well, this guy did his best to make it to his hotel room despite being so drunk. But unfortunately, he ended up trying to enter the wrong room with the wrong card. Nice try, buddy.

Sneaky Reminder

Source: Reddit / 5_Frog_Margin

This is indeed a perfect situation for two billboards to be in unison, but this is also another reminder that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. A lot of people go to have fun for the night and save their worries for tomorrow—a very Vegas thing to do. Now, the question is: which one of those billboards went up second?

Hungover Airport


These travelers, like many others who have visited Las Vegas before them, made the most of every opportunity they had to fulfill their hedonistic impulses. And just like tons of other people, it all caught up with them as they were leaving. 

Because of the vast number of passengers that pass through on a daily basis, McCarran International Airport is unlike any other airport in the world. You won’t find such a wide variety of people from so many areas of life all suffering from the same miserable condition in any other place.


Forgive and Forget


Most people going to Vegas want to really let loose and lose all inhibitions. Vegas is meant to be a place where you do things others will never know about and you don’t even have to remember the events yourself.

Fortunately, there are churches that follow this forgiving motto like this Baptist church that Pastor Allen F. Harrod oversees. He put up this sign to assure worshippers that although sinning is wrong, it is possible to be forgiven for your past, even if it took place in Sin City.

Lucky Proposal


Courtney was a massive Britney Spears fan and actually met her now-husband at a Britney Spears concert. When it came time to propose, her thoughtful husband-to-be knew the perfect place to pop the question and he knew exactly who he wanted there to perfect the moment.

He got down on one knee during a meet and greet with the superstar. Courtney was completely in shock, shaking next to her idol as the love of her life proposed. Courtney couldn’t stop looking back and forth at Spears and the ring, but after many tears, she finally said yes.

Clever Costume


This guy was invited to a bachelor party in Vegas, and he could hardly contain his excitement. His younger brother was the lucky groom getting married and he suggested his older brother bring along a nice outfit for a possible dress-up celebration they may attend.

Two months in advance, the man in the picture meticulously laid out his costume, paying close attention to every last detail. He had been married for three decades and was completely unaware of what a Las Vegas costume party included; as a result, he donned this.

Tattoo Troubles


Joey had always wanted to get a tattoo, but drinking seemed to be the only thing that gave him the nerve to actually go through with it. Knowing this, his buddies made sure to keep the drinks coming so he’d finally be brave enough to get one in Vegas. 


After a few drinks, he was finally ready to get it done. He decided to get the lyrics of one of his favorite songs tattooed on him. Unfortunately, he was so tipsy that he mistakenly got the lyrics wrong when he drunkenly scribbled them on a napkin for the tattoo artist.

Brotherly Love


Las Vegas is the perfect place to go when you need to distract yourself from a painful breakup. There are definitely many things (and people) to occupy your time with. These guys had the same idea when their buddy was going through a heartbreak himself.

The guy in green is the new single one and up until this point, the weekend was going great and seemed to be helping. That was until they reached this scenic overlook over the city. The man collapsed on the floor, but his friends soon gathered around to comfort him.

Crazy Granny


When Granny was taken on an exciting trip to Las Vegas with her bridge partners from back home, she got the chance to indulge in her more rebellious side. Her companions, whom she referred to as her hens, were happy to see their dearly cherished friend finally burst out of her shell.

It may have required pouring a few drinks for her first, but she finally let loose. Her girlfriends escorted her to a restaurant, where the server put a paper hat on her head that said the statement that she had chosen, which read “I went to the prom with Jesus.”

Better Safe Than Sorry


There’s nothing funny about sexually transmitted diseases, but this sign uses wit and a touch of humor to encourage people to practice safe sex even when in the land of debauchery. Vegas isn’t a magical place where consequences don’t exist and this billboard is a good reminder of that.

No matter how embarrassing it may be, it is necessary to get tested for STDs on a regular basis. It’s important to keep yourself and others protected. Your future partner (and self) will thank you.


Liar Liar


What if everything that happened in Vegas followed you back to your hotel room? The man emerging from a hot shower had just returned from his vacation to Sin City, and he had emphatically assured his fiancée that nothing nefarious had occurred while he was gone. 

The truth was quite different from what he had said, so she made the decision to get the truth out of him in the one manner she knew for sure would work, which was to scare the absolute hell out of him. The truth was very different from what he had claimed.

Not So Lucky


Slot machines are dangerously addictive. You can sit down at one and win the jackpot after only dropping in a few pennies, or you can sit at one all day mindlessly pulling down the handle, sure the big money’s coming soon. Before you know it there goes your entire bank account. 

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of gambling on these machines because of their addictive properties. The guy in this picture is clearly frustrated. He must have had terrible luck on this day and took it out on the machine which caused him to lose his money.

Bachelorette Imposter


Throwing a bachelorette party in Vegas has become somewhat of a cliché, and it appears the locals may be over it. They say that if you can’t beat them, you should join them, and that’s exactly what this man decided to do when he realized he couldn’t win the bachelorette party war. 

He dressed up as a drunken bride-to-be, complete with a sash and the phrase “tips!” on the fan he was holding. He wore the skimpiest dress he could find. He was maybe too into the character, but it’s also possible to make the case that the man is extremely committed to his work.

Sleeping Bros


There is no better way to convey the sentiment “we had a wild night out on the town” than to see a group of fully adult men knocked out in the middle of a Starbucks. From the looks of their drooling faces, we are going to assume that things got a little bit out of control.


It’s safe to conclude none of these guys slept a wink the night before. As long as everyone has a nice time and doesn’t miss their flight back home, we have no problem with them getting drunk and having a wonderful time in Vegas; after all, that is what Vegas is for.

Heroes and Villians


When you think of superheroes, Vegas probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is probably only one place on Earth where The Joker, Batman, and Bane will ever sit down casually for a meal together, and it’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

This is because Las Vegas is the kind of place where expectations are warped and reality is blurred. Even though we are discussing fictitious characters, it is hard to imagine a situation where a hero would be found casually chatting with a handful of bad guys.

The Couple Who Laughs Together, Stays Together


Even though a night out in Las Vegas may involve some craziness, you can still have a great time with your significant other. Some married people have said going to Sin City with their spouse is a better time than going with hormone-fueled bachelors and bachelorettes. 

Here’s a cute pair who went out and “painted the town red” by donning pillow covers with funny inscriptions for all to see. They’re not afraid to poke fun at themselves and prove getting married doesn’t make you any less fun or cause you to lose your sense of humor.

Bubbly Birthday


The young man depicted in the photo might look like he is not old enough to drink, but in reality, he is 21 years old and celebrating his birthday in this picture. He went to Sin City with two of his closest friends, one of whom took this picture. 

He thought it would be fun to send a picture of himself in an overflowing jacuzzi to his crush, but it turns out that the idea was far more enticing than the actual product, since the girl texted him back laughing emoticons after seeing the picture.


From Bachelorette To Bride


This guy must be a staple on the Strip because here is the same “bachelorette” dressed man, only this time he’s donning a different outfit. The bachelorette getup must’ve not earned him enough of those tips he was asking for, so he upgraded to a bride. 

People do all kinds of crazy things in Las Vegas to make some extra cash and dressing up in funny costumes and outfits is just one of them. Maybe he felt that looking like a newlywed wife would fit his figure better and finally win him the jackpot.

Rocky Wedding


If you want to know who the most refined individuals in Las Vegas are, simply ask the locals. They’ll tell you it’s the ones there to get married. And if you’re planning to have a wedding with a theme, what could be more sophisticated than having it be based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show

You can, of course, go for the full Elvis theme, but at this point, it’s so overdone that it’s become cliché. Who’s better to preside over your nuptials than Dr. Frank N. Furter himself?

Plank Away


This guy had just about reached his limit after partying nonstop for three days in a row. He needed something to soak up all of those shots of tequila, and if it was going to be anything, it had to be something that was deep-fried and covered in cheese. 

This guy and his buddies headed to a local food spot and when they got to the counter, his pals encouraged him to do one last dare before giving up drinking totally. They were yelling at him to perform a plank on top of the counter, which he proceeded to do with no questions asked.

Crazy Cat Lady


Near The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 45-year-old Rebecca Lemon solicits donations from passers-by. She told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she had been homeless for a long time and that she could make around $200 per day from having her cat Cheddar pose for photos while wearing sunglasses.


However, the use of animals for commercial purposes was previously legal but is now forbidden after reports of this and other cases of animal abuse were submitted by animal rights activists.

Tipsy Barista


Josh showed up to work late again, despite repeated warnings. Because his manager could no longer tolerate his chronic tardiness, she informed him that today would be his final day working as a barista at Starbucks. 

Josh, upset over the fact that he was fired and still feeling a little tipsy from the night before, made the decision that on his last day of work he would do anything he pleased, which included penning the name Courtney in a way that was absolutely unique from any other.

Risky Balloons


The name “Sin City” is synonymous with excess and debauchery, and for good reason. It’s possible that some people adore Vegas because of its carefree “anything goes” attitude, but the reality is that there don’t appear to be any boundaries.

When going to Las Vegas, many couples get into discussions about what is and isn’t acceptable, but this understanding girlfriend was certainly open-minded when her boyfriend decided he wanted to get a balloon hat made to resemble an exotic dancer.

Why So Serious?

Company events can be tricky territory. While you may want to relax and have fun since you’re out of the office, it’s important to maintain a certain sense of decorum when attending these functions. Although the atmosphere is more laid back, everyone is still expected to behave professionally.

Unfortunately, the women in this photo did not get that memo, and they got a little too carefree. This unbothered conduct was not amusing, even though this work event was taking place in Las Vegas.

Happy To Be Hair


This guy wanted to celebrate his first Vegas trip in a big way and with big hair. When his girlfriend suggested they go to Las Vegas, he made the decision to go all out for the occasion. He let his hair grow for months in anticipation of the big trip.


When vacation time finally arrived, he made the decision to trim the sides of his hair and fashion his long strands into one giant mohawk canvas. He then approached a graffiti artist to create this colorful look. It goes without saying that his hair appeared to be anything but typical.

Venetian Dog


While Vegas is full of fun sights and attractions, no journey to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas would be complete without a gondola ride down the Grand Canal, and this itty-bitty dog couldn’t agree more that it’s an essential part of the experience.

The puppy is presumably thinking to himself that he has no idea what he has done to deserve this while he is decked out in a totally suiting straw hat and striped shirt, but his owner is probably too inebriated from the night before to realize that this makes her dog uneasy.